UMWT announces recall for Lexus LS

UMWT announces recall for Lexus LS

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UMW Toyota Motor, the official distributor of Lexus vehicles in Malaysia, has announced a recall or ‘Special Service Campaign’ for the current version the LS 460L and LS 460 Sport launched in Malaysia in January 2010.

With only less than 10 units involved, UMWT, through Lexus Malaysia, has contacted the affected owners to notify them of the problem, which affects the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) system.

According to the statement issued by UMWT, “The VGRS system may exhibit a temporary steering wheel off-centre condition after driving away quickly from a very tight turn where the steering was at full lock position. The steering wheel off-centre position will automatically be corrected in approximately five seconds by the VGRS system as the vehicle is driven. The driver may notice the system auto correcting as the steering wheel slowly moves to the centre position while driving straight during the VGRS correction. Due to the specific driving circumstances, this condition will not occur during normal driving such as changing lanes or turning at intersections.”

Pending the arrival of new replacement parts, Lexus Malaysia will begin contacting customers to arrange appointments to rectify the problem. Estimated time needed for the job is one hour.

Currently undelivered units of the LS 460 will also undergo the relevant fixes before being delivered to their respective customers.


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