The Power and Convenience of Credit Cards

The Power and Convenience of Credit Cards

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The use of credit cards gives us access to safe and secure transaction without the need to exchange cash. They afford us with unprecedented convenience being the one true (no, not love) currency that is accepted worldwide. From supermarkets, to shopping malls, to hotels, and classy restaurants, credit cards represent a viable solution for quick and painless transaction worldwide.

In addition, credit cards also help users keep their money secure until they spend. Stolen cash is gone for good, but a stolen credit card can be cancelled with just a phone call, giving you a safe and effective means to minimize your losses in the event of theft and robbery.

Eager to provide consumers with the latest and most innovative solutions, Maybank has various types of credit cards to cater to the needs of every customer. Maybank makes the privilege of credit cards available to all customers. There are five different new credit card types marketed under the Graduate Banking banner, namely the Maybank Islamic Petronas Ikhwan Visa, Maybank Islamic Ikhwan American Express, Petronas Maybankard Visa, Sony Card Visa and American Express Gold Credit Card.

Maybank Islamic Petronas Ikhwan Visa


5X TreatsPoints for every RM1 Spend at Petronas Service Stations
FREE annual fee for life
Non Compounding Charges
FREE Petrol with TreatsPoints
FREE Maybankard Touch ‘n Go Zing Card (RM2 service fee per reload)

Maybank Islamic Ikhwan American Express


5x TreatsPoints on all petrol spend
2x TreatsPoints on all other spend
Lifetime Free Waiver
Non Compounding Charges
Worldwide offers with American Express SELECTSSM

Petronas Maybankard Visa


FREE annual fee for life
5X TreatsPoints for every RM1 Spend at Petronas Service Stations
FREE Petrol with TreatsPoints
FREE Maybankard Touch ‘n Go Zing Card (RM2 service fee per reload)
Earn 1 Mesra Point for every 1 liter petrol

Sony Card Visa


FREE Annual fee for life
10X Treatspoints for every RM1 spend at Sony Centre outlets
Extended warranty until 24 months for Sony products
Free delivery for Sony Bravia Theatre when purchase @ Sony Centre
Birthday Surprise
Discounts on Sony Accessories

American Express Gold Credit Card


9% FInance Charge on your outsanding retail balances January 2010 onwards
5x Membership Rewards points on all spend on petrol & groceries,participating bookstores and telecomunication charges through Exress AutoPay.
2x Membership Rewards points anywhere else
Lifetime fee waiver
Complimentary Supplementary Cards

With this latest line of Maybankards, students, through the Maybank Graduate Banking programme, are free to express their lifestyles. Spending money has never been more affordable, convenient, and secure.

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  1. I dunno why, but I have very bad feeling about Islamic card system. This is because I’ve had the worst experience with Bank *** Credit Card. I think they have the worst service and the customer service people are very very rude and impolite and it is so obvious they are very desperate for the commission and nothing else. Of course it might not be the same case with other banks like Maybank’s or AmBank’s. But because of my bad experience, I just cannot trust the Islamic Banking System anymore. I think the real Islamic Banking System is exploited.
    i hope other banks will not just use the “Islamic” word just to attract more customers but really apply the system.
    Whatever it is, I will never have any banking business with Bank ***

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  3. Somehow, between my husband and me, we have managed to accumulate over30 thousand in credit card debt. We can’t seem to find a way out. We have tried to budget, we have done research, and we have even cut out alot of fun stuff in our lives. I think it’s time for me to get a part time job. If we can’t pull this off, we may have to declare backruptcy.

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