TEN, TEN, TEN, Design Autoworld’s 10th Anniversary Logo to win One Grand

TEN, TEN, TEN, Design Autoworld’s 10th Anniversary Logo to win One Grand

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Autoworld will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and you could be winning RM1,000. How? KON explains.

OK, we know the title would sound better with ten, but a thousand was the final offer from our accountant, so that’s the carrot we’ll dangle out to you guys. So, what’s the story? Why the sudden offer of a cash prize?

Well, it all happened one fine day when browsing the web, I stumbled upon the text of a speech by Datuk Amar Leo Moggie in the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water’s website. It turned out that the good minister, then the Energy, Communications and Multimedia Minister, had graced Autoworld’s massive launch back in 1999.

Yes, 1999, or to be precise, 9 Nov 1999. The significance hit me immediately. Autoworld will be turning ten end of this year. We immediately decided that it is a milestone that must be marked and celebrated. We are celebrating not only our enduring popularity, but also the unending support of all our members, readers and forummers, for all of you are the underlying pillars of our success.

To celebrate our upcoming birthday, we have a few things in store for you guys, all of which will be revealed one-by-one over the next couple of months. First up is our “Design Autoworld’s 10th Anniversary Logo” contest. The deal is simple; submit to us your proposed logo to commemorate our tenth anniversary. You can send as many entries as you can, but there will only be one winner. That winner will take home one thousand ringgit.

Interested? Send in your entries now. Terms & Conditions below.

“Design Autoworld’s 10th Anniversary Logo” contest Terms & Conditions

  • Contest is open to all Autoworld members aged 18 and above. Not an Autoworld member? Don’t worry, register yourself as a member for FREE. (Look for that icon labeled ‘Sign Up’ at the top right hand corner.)
  • Contestants may send as many entries as they wish, but all entries must be original works of the contestant.
  • The designed logo (herein referred to as “the design”) must feature legibly and prominently, the words “Autoworld.com.my”, “10th Anniversary”, and “1999-2009”
  • The design may incorporate the existing Autoworld.com.my logo. It is available for download in .gif and .ai formats in our forum. (Look for the ‘Talk About It’ link below)
  • The design must not infringe on copyrights of other parties. It must NOT incorporate recognizable design elements from registered trademarks. E.g. Nike’s tick, Honda’s big-H, or BMW’s propeller badge. We can get sued for things like these, you know.
  • The design may be submitted in any supported PC graphic formats. We prefer Adobe Illustrator format, but we will happily take in JPEG or GIF as well.
  • The design must fit entirely into a resolution of 538 x 148 pixels.
  • Contestants acknowledge that upon submission, all rights to the design are released to Autoworld.com.my. Don’t worry, we will credit you accordingly. We also reserve the right to publish all entries on our website.
  • The winning entry will be used as the official logo for our 10th anniversary celebrations, but we reserve the right to edit / modify the selected logo at our discretion.
  • Prize for the winning entry is RM1,000. There will only be one winner.
  • Winner or a representative must be available to collect his/her prize at a presentation ceremony to be held at a later date.
  • Submissions of contest entries are to be done solely via email to wlkon@autoworld.com.my.
  • Email submissions must be of the following format:
    • Email Subject: “Design Autoworld’s 10th Anniversary Logo”
    • State Autoworld userid
    • Attachment of the logo design
    • State your Name, IC Number, Tel.no.
  • Proof of sending is not considered proof of receipt until an official acknowledgment is received.
  • Deadline of submission: 26 Sept 2009, 11:59pm. Entries received beyond this time will not be entertained.
  • Autoworld.com.my reserves the right to refuse any entries without the need for explanation.
  • Judges decisions are final, non-reversible, and non-negotiable. No correspondence will be entertained, and we reserve the absolute right not to discuss or negotiate why this wins and not that. This is, after all, a contest with subjective criteria.


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