Alfa Romeo Mito – Desire Has a New Name

Alfa Romeo Mito – Desire Has a New Name

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Alfa Romeo fans will rejoice, now that the Mito has arrived on our shores. Launched in a simple ceremony at TTDI plaza by Auto Connexion, the Alfa Romeo Mito is the first entry level Alfa Romeo to be launched here, and at the asking price of RM153,888, it is set to make the pulse race with desire.

Fitted with a 1.4 litre turbo charged engine, the Mito is no push-over, being capable of zero to one hundred in 8.0 seconds flat. The blown engine has a massive 155 horsepower on tap, and 230Nm of torque just waiting to be unleashed. Small and nimble, it promises to be a pocket rocket for the driving enthusiast who demands performance.

Sold only in manual form, it has a 6-speed gearbox, capable of taking you up to a maximum of 215 km/h. Rated fuel consumption is a mere 6.5 litres per 100 kilometres, though I suspect the real world figures would be closer to 10 litres. Still reasonable for a car that reeks of performance all over.

The Mito comes fully loaded with features; ABS, EBD, and HBA. Also included is ASR, and hill holder, plus Corner Brake Control (CBC) and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), another form of traction control. Also standard is a LSD for the front driven wheels.

For comfort and convenience, cruise control is standard, and the electric power steering helps to save fuel. At night, Bi-Xenon lights will illuminate the way, and LED tail lights make sure you are seen from the rear. Air conditioning is dual zone.
Wheels are 17-inch alloys with low profile tyres, ensuring sure-footed grip all the way.

The steering wheel is leather wrapped, and leather seats are standard equipment. Considering all the goodies in the car, I begin to wonder why the people at Auto Connexion call it an entry level car – It seems to be one great bang for your buck!

As for me, I simply can’t wait to get my hands on one!


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