Chinese Rolls Royce anyone?

Chinese Rolls Royce anyone?

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Things that make you go: WTF??


When I saw this picture I thought it was just a huge joke, I mean what is the point of copying a freaking Rolls Royce Phantom?

I fell off my chair laughing.


Apparently the Chinese think thay can sell cheap copies of everything and I suppose they are quite right in that assessment because you can get copies of everything from every fashion house you can think of so why not a fake Rolls Royce, right?


OK, it”s not fair to call it a fake Rolls Royce because it is not, it is called the Geely Ge (it sounds like Geli Je in Malay, which translates into just tickle¬† or ticklish in English) and has all the hallmark of an intentionally bad joke.

I do not know what the specs are for this car except that it look huge, it is at least 6.5 or 7 metres long and has a imposing chrome grille to match.

The Cabin, err I mean mobile throne room… what I mean is…it looks crappy


The interior is best described as Chinese-lux, which means acres of shiny wood-like capping, leather and awkward styling.

As you can see from this photo, the car actually comes with a single throne for the rear for the plutocrat who thinks very highly of himself and actually has no friends anyway.


It has a glass separator so you can talk to yourself in private or answer a secret phone call without the driver lsitening in.

To complete the illusion, Geely is even offering starlight roof liner but apparently it only hovers above the throne.

I wonder how many cars they will sell.

I secretly hope that they will bring this car into Malaysia, it will certainly make commuting a bit more humorous.


  1. Well…I guess it’s an “uber-rickshaw”
    The very idea of a mobile single throne–is so anti-socialist. What would Chairman Mao say?

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