Do drivers really want a sporty SUV?

Do drivers really want a sporty SUV?

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Honda joins the Frankenstein vehicle trend


It looks like the answer is yes. Honda is so concerned about being left behind by this new trend that they are coming up with a coupe-like SUV just like the BMW X6.

In the past the Porsche Cayenne was good enough as a sporty SUV, I mean they drove well enough to scare everything other than full-blown sportscars but now people want a sporty SUV that looks sporty and by that I mean they want a sloping roof and non-SUV profile.

All that is fine, but if you really want a sportscar, why not just buy one?

If you want a bit more room get a sporting saloon.

Apparently these sporting SUVs are born after sportscar drivers drive their first SUV and are hooked by the commanding driving position. That’s right; they like to look over your head but still want to drive sprotscars.

So they will buy an SUV that looks like a sportscar, or even a hot hatch – which is basically what the X6 and this Acura SUV really are – Hot hatch with a gland disorder.

These sporting SUVs are like a Frankenstein creation, combining many needs into one product and doing your best to make it look OK, I mean after a while many people say that the Frankenstein monster has it’s charm and can look decent if you get him to wear a nice jacket.

A sporty SUV has its fans, serves some purpose and truth be told, I may even get myself one, if the price is right but no way will I ever say that they are gorgeous-looking cars


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