“Belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan”

“Belok kiri jika tiada kenderaan”

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Road Sign Board

I wonder how many people out there who have been driving on the road notice this little sign just below the traffic light…. this picture was taken at the ever busy intersection between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang. What does this sign means? Logically (at least to me!), it tells us to ignore the traffic lights, that is, even if its red, you can still turn left if there are no on coming vehicles. During peak hours, skittles would have been placed at the corner to cordon off and indicates that you can turn left anytime; even if you don’t, the traffic police will instruct you to turn – listen, don’t hog the left lane if you want to turn right!

However, I realized that during normal hours, nobody seems to see or notice the sign at all. Or was it because no one knows what it means? Most people will just wait for the lights to turn green. Some honking may be heard, but still there will be no action until the lights turn green. Pure ignorance? Perhaps people really don’t understand what it means? Anyone who knows are welcome to comments.


  1. i believe one can proceed to turn left if there isn’t any incoming traffic from the coming side.this is practised in the US and i guess in SG as well. the jln sultan ismail and jln ampang intersection is a good example.
    say it’s (green light on Jln Ampang from Saloma side towards Wariseni) AND (no more incoming cars)

    (traffic on Jln Sultan Ismail from Bkt Nanas monorail towards abandoned Duta Grand Hyatt construction side can proceed on turning left).

    my 1+1 sen

  2. In Sarawak, particularly in Sibu, most traffic light junctions have this plate in blue and its written in 2-3 languages. It is about time they did this no avoid wasting time and building traffic when traffic from left side is moving.

  3. Sign ni banyak kat putrajaya.Biasanya pada simpang empat.Yg nak terus still kena tunggu hijau tapi yg nak belok kiri boleh belok terus wpun lampu merah.Biasanya ada 2 lane utk satu arah.Pemandu yg ingin terus, kalau dia faham sign, dia akan ambil lane kanan utk beri laluan kpd mana2 pemandu yg nak belok kiri.Tp kalau pemandu yg nk terus atau belok kiri, tp tak faham sign, dia akan stop kat mana2 lane and kalau org honk pun dia tetap akan tunggu hijau utk jalan.The sign still new, so…give chance to people to understand the sign properly.

  4. Previously there will be a signboard called ‘Beri Laluan’ means same thing. However due to the standard of our drving schools or ignorance (maybe ‘cos its in BM) a lot of drivers still ignore this. Then again, a lot of ‘lesen kopi’ drivers on the road who may fail Highway code if they are tested on the spot.

  5. Looks like we could safely say that even when its red light, we can turn left at this junction when there is no on-coming cars.

  6. i think they try to follow singapore 1..

    at singapore, if the straight lane is green, normally u can put ur signal on n start cross over the road.. in case there was no incoming car on the opposite site..

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