Nissan Sylphy

Nissan Sylphy

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Yes, the name is a bit odd sounding but you will probably get used to it. In fact the name is probably the only thing that would make youthink twice about this family sedan.

The Sylphy is a spacious, modern looking and well endowed family sedan and the price tag starts at RM112,000, which means that it is a relative bargain compared to its Japanese competitors like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis.

In the past Nissan is known for designing either really dull cars, like the Sunny, or outrageous models like the 280ZX and 300ZX, there was nothing in between but the mariage with Renault has given their styling department a lot more depth and maturity.

This gives us cars like the Sylphy which combines Japanese sensibility with French sophistication and the result is a car that is elegant but unpretentious, like the Sylphy.


The lines are clean and well proportioned while the detailing is neat and stylish. The uniquely shaped headlight and jewel finished front grille is of particular note, they work well together to give the Sylphy a distinctive face and this is worthy of note in a class where blandness and uniformity used to rule.


img21597ies.JPGAnyone looking for a family car must go and take a look at the all-new Nissan Sylpy. While Nissan may not be the most prestigious of the Japanese brands, it is a company well know for their engineering excellence and this time they have come up with a car that could well rival the Toyota Corolla.


The Sylphy is an example of good modern packaging with wheels set out at the far corners and the cabins set well forward to take advantage of the otherwise wasted space behind the front bulkhead.


This cab forward design has liberated enough space to make this the contender for the most spacious cabin in the Japanese C segment, which includes the Corolla, Honda Civic, and Mitsubishi Lancer.

Apart from the space, buyers would also find the interior pleasing with its modern uncluttered lines and understated touches of luxury such as wood paneling, good in car entertainment sytem, climate control and choice of plush fabric or leather upholstery.


The six-speaker sound system, fully automatic climate control system and lether lined upholstery makes the cabin a wonderful place to be when you are stuck in a jam after a long day at the office.


that would maintain the ideal cabin temperature. The cin is also kept cool by the UV-film that is applied to the car windows.

According to Nissan he clamshell design front seats hug the occupants snugly and has been designed using their S-motion principle.

They even went an extra step and gave the cabin an Antibacterial treatment that will help the car retain its brand new smell longer and keeps nasty odours at bay.


Priced between RM112,000 and RM116,000, this puts it at a strong advantage compared to the other contenders and this further adds to the car’s appeal.

Cabin size is not the only place where the Sylphy wins, this thing also packs a bigger pnch under the bonnet, with a modern all-aluminium 2.0-litre engine that is bristling with the latest technology, including variable valve control, fuel injection and a continuously variable transmission that promises seamless ratio and good fuel economy.


Owners will also appreciate the fuel economy benefits of the electronic power steering system which removes the constant drag exerted by the traditional pulley-driven hydraulic pump that normally assist driver steering input.

With 130 horsepower and 191 Newton-metres of torque, this Nissan will not be a slow mover, in fact when combined with the seamless CVT transmission, the driver always gets a choice of smooth, relaxed driving and instant power.


This combination of seamless power and comfort lies at the heart of the Sylphy which promises elegance and style.

The theme is clearly visible fromt eh skin of the car which has been designed with many calming surfaces and graceful curves but since we are not supposed to judge a car by its looks, we thought it best to talk about it’s personality rather than looks.

Macpherson front suspension and semi-trailing link at the rear with pre-loaded shock absorbers at all four corners the rear means that passengers would enjoy smoother ride at all times, this is again central to the theme of the Sylphy.

Maybe the Syply can be part of your family too.


  1. i’ve already test drive it…

    unbelievable….the engine was damn good…plus

    the interior very luxury looking and comfortable to seat-in…

    the outside design of the car looks executive and sporty…

    i’ve long been waiting for a car like this one..

    SYLPHY my love…

  2. Overall this is a good value for money car. Mid range price with excellent car features. However, if is come with four disc brake and 17″ rims size. That would be perfect !!

  3. the car has a dangerous problem!
    the boot area is overheated by the exhaust silencer below the chasis. The temperature can reach as high as 70-80 deg.C
    and you can hardly hold your palm to the panel near the tyre compartment!
    the heat may affect the petro tank on the other side of the boot.
    the boot is like oven after traffic jammed.
    I have feedback the problem to customer service and have to wait till this Saturday for further inspection.
    I got the same experience with the test drive car and I thougth it was caused by something else and did not checked into thoroughtly.

  4. I’ve personally owned the car for bout 2 months now. Love the car very much.
    Easy handling over the steering wheel, super smooth driving n excelleration, powerful engine definitely not a slow
    mover on the road, quiet n comfort ride and superb fuel economy in 2 litre category compared to its rivals such as
    Civic, Lancer and Altis.
    Got a minor problem, there’s sound coming out of the right air-cond vent when driving on uneven and bad roads.
    Well, never noticed that the boot area can be overheated especially after jam. I’ll seriously look into this 2 problems
    with Nissan.

  5. Well i own slyphy too. and i felt the same problem. the rear panel at tyre compartment is relly hot… Bit scary samotime as it placed near the petrol tank. Tech still looking at this problem.

  6. Hi vincent liew,

    I also the slyphy owner, any reply from the TC regarding the boot area is overheated !!
    Appreciate your reply !



  7. Vincent, Ah Kong, may I know what is the feedback given by the customer service after you complaint. I am the potential buyer now in the stage of deciding whether to own this car. Your advice definitely help my decision making process. Thanks.

  8. Hi Koksen, Ah Kong,

    after 2 weeks, any reply from Nissan service centre on overheating near rear problems…..
    QC from japan with certified european road safety qualification cannot be so teruk ….
    any comments

  9. next week my 2nd service for 5k mileage..quite shocked about the heating problem due to exhaust system,before this i’m quit wonder for front bonnet too heated.i will ask this problem to TC foreman next week.

  10. Well, think this is not a major problem. It’s not actually overheating, it just hot. Noticed that some other cars havin the same,
    especially drivin for a long period of time. Think it’s common but still need to check with Nissan.

  11. well i have been a proud owner of this exquisite,spacious,luxuries and classy vehicle.i love the way the transmission changes into different gears,its extremely smooth.

  12. Hi all i too having a new sylphy just a month old. I found the care is ok and good finishing. But me also worried about the over heat at fornt fenders and the back bonnet. Any of you all got feed back from TC. Further more many features of the car is taken out in malaysia model if compared to other countrys. Overall its economic car.

  13. well, kok sen. i think u r rite. this is just my personal opinion, no right no wrong loh :) i don’t think this is an overheating problem..not at all. the boot is hot because it is near to the exhaust where the heat from exhaust moving upwards to the spare tyre compartment. when you idle the car for a long time, there will be no air to overflow the heat. and the most important is we’re not suppose to idle the car while waiting for others…hehehe..turn off your engine, it will definitely help with global warming. :)

    other cars also the same leh, like my 5 years old Wira. Anyway, will you touch the steel near the engine when u turn off the engine? for sure is no :) the same go for the spare tyre compartment…it is a common hot area…unless the owners are willing to take the risk.

  14. Good morning all,
    This heating problem. Can anyone confirmed whether the heating problem can also be felt at the right side of the gear compartment. When I brought this issue to the mechanic, his reply is also related to the exhaust piping located close to that area also. But my concern is this heat problem is more obvious at night when the light is switched on. I’m worried if there is any faulty wiring in contact with the body and not just merely exhaust issue.
    Any advice / similiar experienced?

  15. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your what you’re saying.

  16. Is Nissan Sylphy overall is a reliable car? Any problems with the Cornering and the Multimedia Navigator system?

  17. Is the Multimedia Navigator system by TCM worth RM3.5K? I was been told that the Multimedia Navigator system are having some problem. I was told that the Multimedia Navi system is slow and hang.

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