Perodua MyVi E60

Perodua MyVi E60

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Malaysians are known as a creative lot when it comes to ‘modifying’ cars. On my recent travel to Kuching, I spotted a Perodua MyVi that somewhat looked a lot more premium than it’s siblings from the same Perodua stable.

Sporting a front bumper that is modelled after the E60 BMW 5 series, this particular vehicle sure looked different. Luckily the owner has the sense of not including the blue and white propeller logo of BMW alongside the double kidney treatment. :)

So what do you think? :P


  1. obviously this car is not completely done its modifying…
    M5 bumpered myvi can be seen anywhere along, white, grey, black… but a green myvi with M5 bumpers… atleast its da 1st i’ve seen (maybe only 1?)
    kinda weird yet special taste, atleast its front bonet is not white or black, but cool dark-gold coloured, matching stickers on da windscreen… great colour pairing for me (gold + green)…
    atleast… currant stage stil magnificient n glowing for me… hidup myvi!!!

  2. The oval cool shape really fit the car.
    If anyone can remodified the kidneys to the perodua status please e-mail me.

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