First crashed GT-R in Malaysia..OUCH!!!

First crashed GT-R in Malaysia..OUCH!!!

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This picture appeared on the North American GTR Owners Club (NAGTROC) forum and if you look at the BERHENTI sign at the back, you will see that the person who crashed this car is a Malaysian.

Well, this probably the third GTR crash recorded on the web. Usually the Japanese and Hongkies will crash some fantastic supercar or other first before the rest of the world and this time the Hongkies came first, the Japanese followed closely while we came third ….

We have made it to the big leagues of irresponsible drivers.







  1. there will be people who have the money to buy these ultra fast cars but don’t have the skill to keep the car on the road.
    I know of a couple of people who crashed their father’s sports car into a tree or lamp post and killed themselves. I think before buying these kind of cars, it is best to attend higher level driving courses first, just like they offer for Ferrari owners in UK.
    It is like giving a gun to a monkey!

  2. it is crashed by a singaporean so malaysians cannot be considered as idiot driver in this case. i believe it is a singapore registered gtr. the driver most probably wanted to race at sepang :)

  3. Driving fast is easy, press the gas pedal and the car goes, braking is teh hardest part, or rather picking the right braking point so that you can slow the car down just enough to clear a corner is difficult. that is to say a lot of people overshoot the minimum braking distance and get into this kind of trouble.
    Before i test a car’s acceleration or top speed, I always make sure that I get the feel of the brakes first and understand its capability, then only can i wring the life out of the car, otherwise just too dangerous

  4. For your information, some of this supercar is belong to the workshop owner or staff, they are making alot money trough insurance company. they just crash or report theft and their will make claim for it. They are making huge money trough this activities. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WAY TO DO IT. Even i know some friend working as an claim estimator actually making huge money.

  5. what’s up ppl.

    if you look carefully on the last pic, you can spot singapore ERP unit on the edge of windscreen.

  6. Erp Uk…

    Your blog makes very interesting reading. I’m sure others will think so too I look forward to reading their comments….

  7. Its a sg registered gt-r, so get ur facts ride before posting. You can’t even tell ur own country’s car plate from the next how to be malaysian?
    Guy prolly crashed it while being chased by some bandits in a proton, what a clown.
    Malaysians will prolly try to take it apart and steal some technology and make their protons 10km/h faster, Bringing the top speed to 90km/h.
    Singaporeans will then tax them more when they cross the causeway. Everyones’ a loser.

  8. common saying better late than sorry.
    there are many causes of road accidents even including a sneeze or handling sms too.
    take care and drive carefully and prayerfully.


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