AAM Launches Road Safety Campaign And Road Show

AAM Launches Road Safety Campaign And Road Show

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The Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) recently launched a Road Safety Campaign and Road Show at the Curve in Mutiara Damansara and unveiled two new products.

The road safety campaign and road show is another effort by AAM towards creating a motoring society that is more responsible and caring on the road.

“In a world that is today heavily dependant on mobility, road safety awareness should be a discipline and a way of life…Road safety is something that we cannot afford to take lightly,” said AAM Chairman Y.M. Tunku Datuk Mudzaffar Bin Tunku Mustapha.

“While campaigns are a good platform to generate greater awareness and in educating people about safer motoring, its effectiveness in the end, depend greatly on the willingness of individuals to embrace the positive values that are imparted on them.”

Tunku Mudzaffar said improving road safety requires the participation of many different organisations and sectors and that no single party working alone can effectively reduce the number of road casualties.

“Above all, success in generating greater awareness and in making our roads safer, depend greatly on our willingness as road users to put aside our selfish needs for a greater cause.”

Highlighting statistics from Ops Sikap XVI (16) conducted during the Chinese New Year holiday period recently, Tunku Mudzaffar pointed out that although the number of fatalities recorded was lower compared to the corresponding period last year, the number of accident cases had increased.

“These statistics are very alarming and AAM is concerned that despite the millions of ringgit invested year after year by both the Government and private institutions on road safety campaigns, we are still a long way from producing the desired results,” he said.

“Motorcyclists who fail to strap on their helmet, those who do not use the designated motorcycle lanes, beating the red light, drivers who tailgate, have utter disregard for traffic laws, excessive speeding, aggressive driving and the lack of consideration for others – these are all a common sight on Malaysian roads. So common that we have grown accustomed to accepting it although we know it is wrong.”

As an authority and a responsible as well as caring motoring organization, Tunku Mudzaffar said AAM’s commitment to creating greater road safety awareness has seen the association embarked on a number of programs and activities designed to propagate safer motoring.

Among its initiatives included collaborating with the Road Safety Department to distribute for free some 10,000 motorcycle helmets. The event was launched earlier this year in Negri Sembilan where some 2,000 motorcycle helmets and 600 bicycle helmets were given away.

On going efforts included imparting on road safety tips, vital information and statistics on road safety to its members via the association’s bi-monthly Drive magazine.

AAM also offers defensive and advanced driving courses for members and non-members. Last year 1,000 participants underwent the program.

The Road Show will also travel to Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor Baru before returning to the Klang Valley.

In conjunction with the launch of the campaign and road show, AAM also unveiled two new products – the AAM A1 Team Malaysia card targeted at motoring enthusiasts and the AAM Shape card introduced specifically for ladies.

In addition to all the privileges accorded to ordinary AAM members such as 24-hour road assistance nationwide and free nationwide on-the-spot minor repair, both cards are also equipped with special features designed to appeal and provide greater convenience, peace of mind and protection to the two target segments when they are on the road.


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