A millimetre too less

A millimetre too less

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Let’s face it; parking space is always a concern whenever one goes to the popular malls in the Klang Valley during the weekend. No matter how many thousand of bays are provided, it’s not unheard of for shoppers to spend an hour looking for a bay or even worst, got turned off and left the mall outright.

A week or two ago, I spotted this Proton Saga trying to squeeze into a bay that’s too small for its size. Meant only for small compact vehicles like those offerings from Perodua, this full sized sedan tried and utilized every single millimetre to fit itself in.

Take a look at how ‘skilfully’ the vehicle is parked. :P


  1. obviously… it’s an old saga car and who cares if it’s dented?
    hehe…so that’s why can do this stunt la…u go ask ppl with new car and see…. hehe

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