Pennzoil Unveils Fastrac To The Malaysian Market

Pennzoil Unveils Fastrac To The Malaysian Market

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UMW Pennzoil marks another milestone with the launch of Pennzoil Fastrac™ Series Motorcycle Oil. Available in 4T and 2T variants, the product line caters for all type of
motorcycles including those with high performance engines. The Fastrac™ Series promises excellent protection and environmentally friendly performance for motorcycles.

The new Pennzoil Fastrac™ Titanium Series of fully synthetic and semi synthetic motor oils are formulated with Time Released Protection (TRP), an anti-wear additives trap,
which has the ability to remove the corrosive by-product of engine combustion. This unique technology ensures protection of engine’s moving parts, against friction, oxidation and extreme temperature.

In addition, the Pennzoil Fastrac™ 2T, formulated with the Ultimate Stress Resistance (USR), offers exceptional features to two-stroke motorcycles. It is uniquely formulated to resist the stress of high-speed engines by providing outstanding protection against viscosity breakdown.

Pennzoil Fastrac™ Titanium 4T 100% Synthetic SAE 10W-40 exceeds API SL and meets JASO MA specifications. It helps engines perform better under higher temperatures. Fastrac™ Titanium 4T provides outstanding high RPM / high temperature
protection and increases overall engine output and power. It also limits engine deposits and long-term damage.

Meanwhile Pennzoil Fastrac™ Titanium 2T exceeds JASO FD specifications with superior detergency performance at high speed. The oil optimizes engine efficiency and power. Fastrac™ Titanium 2T also cleans and protects exhaust and engine systems.

The Pennzoil Fastrac™ Series is produced based on the highest International standards and specifications. It comes in 10 different product variants. The Pennzoil Fastrac™
Series is developed for different motorcycle engine types with better formulation, giving users a superior product at an affordable price.

“UMW Pennzoil Malaysia will continue to build the momentum in developing and formulating motor oils demanded by consumers. Pennzoil Fastrac™ is poised to grow further in Malaysia to take its place amongst the leading Brands in the market.” UMW Pennzoil Malaysia Director, En Ibrahim Abu Bakar said.

“In line with this, we are determined to position Pennzoil Fastrac™ motorcycle oil as a premium product at an affordable price.”

“UMW Pennzoil will actively promote this innovative motorcycle oil in the local market through billboards, electronic and print media and via an intense on-ground marketing campaign. This is to support the meeting of sales target for 2008 which will place Pennzoil Fastrac™ as the industry top 3 in the motorcycle oil category. This will be
achievable with strategic product promotions effort, the brand exposure, and the improved distribution channels now in place nationwide, added En Mohd Ruslan Abdul Ghani, General Manager, Pennzoil Malaysia.


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