Another Cross-Country Volvo Coming

Another Cross-Country Volvo Coming

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Two months after introducing the new Volvo XC90 in Detroit, Volvo has provided another glimpse into the future of its Cross Country range in the form of the second Volvo Adventure Concept Car (ACC2).

“The Cross Country family has two very distinctive members. Two different vehicles attracting buyers with very different desires,” said Hans-Olov Olsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars. “The Volvo XC90 is the perfect choice for people who want nothing other than a unique, thoroughbred Sports Utility Vehicle, while the new Cross Country, or Volvo XC70, as the ACC2 will be called, continues to attract those who prefer a Sports Utility inspired car.”

“The Cross Country family is not static and is being continuously developed,” he went on to explain. “Our new ACC2 shows how the advantages of the Cross Country concept can be refined into the perfect choice for people who want the car to be an integral part of their lifestyle. The ACC2 is a car for the demanding winter adventurer. The same way of thinking could of course be applied to other leisure activities.”

The ACC2, which has familiar Volvo stationwagon styling, is said to incorporate lots of technology for a safe and pleasurable drive in winter conditions. The flared wheel arches boast a powerful jet-engine inspired shape to accommodate the wider track and give the car a capable stance. The lower sides of the body are protected by door mouldings.

The 18-inch wheels have studded tyres developed by Michelin and have a run-flat capability. The headlamps are connected to a GPS, which mean that they automatically adapt the light pattern for right-side or left-side traffic.

It might sound complicated but Volvo’s aim has been to organise and present all the technology in a simple, functional way. With this car, Scandinavian form and function certainly look like they have reached a new peak.

The interior of the ACC2 is inspired by the Swedish Ice Hotel in and the famous Swiss Army Knife – a blend of cold surfaces, warm materials and smart functionality. “The exposed steel and aluminium surfaces emphasize the feeling of a capable driving machine, while soft, natural materials are used to create a cosy, comfortable feeling,” said interior designer Jonathan Dale.

The ACC2 has a 2+2 seat configuration and an entirely new seat design is one of the most distinctive features in the concept car. The thin contour of the seat is inspired by both the rounded design of Scandinavian wooden chairs and the dynamic shape of racing car seats. The fixed angle between the seat cushion, together with saddle-inspired natural leather and generous lumbar support, provides maximum comfort. The backrests in the rear can move forward to the front seats to create a flat, efficient loading area.

The warm woollen floor carpets are made of the same material as the Swedish Ice Hotel bed hats, water resistant, yet still soft to touch. A warm glow of orange flows out from the centre console to increase the feeling of a warm, cosy environment.

Orange is used to highlight functionality. Where orange is present, there is a function or an interaction between the car and the occupants. This includes the touch buttons throughout the car, the door handles and important safety features like the Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) indicator and the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) bar in each seat.

The safety features on board have been made visible to emphasize Volvo’s state-of-the-art technology in this field. In the ACC2, the CrissCross safety belt, which was first seen in the Safety Concept Cars (SCC) last year, is by no means the only visible safety feature. The doors have safety bars as hand grips to promote the safety cage. The airbag in the steering wheel is visible through frosted glass as are the first-aid and toolbox kits, integrated into the front doors.

The centre console in the ACC2 houses a whole range of high-tech features and will greatly appeal to gadget lovers. It can best be described as a ‘utility belt’ with docking facilities for a range of gadgets, including a customised PDA, camera and digital video camcorder. The portable PDA, which has been developed in co-operation with HP, includes a GPRS-enabled telephone and GPS system and Bluetooth technology for high-speed wireless connections to the Internet.

If you are caught in bad weather or an avalanche, the PDA will send an SOS via Volvo-On-Call. The GPS will supply the rescue team with your exact position. The system will also help you to find your way back to the car if the weather conditions get tough. It can also pre-warm the car for you. Safely back in the car again, you can hook up your camcorder and watch your adventures on the rear-seat facing screen in the console. The ‘utility belt’ also includes MP3 and DVD players, a thermos container for hot drinks, four glasses and orange sunglasses.

Under the bonnet of the ACC2, there is a potent version of the Volvo 5-cylinder 2435 cc engine which produces 220 kW/300 bhp and no less than 400 Nm of torque. This is mated to a 6-speed, compact, 4-shaft semi-automatic gearbox. The Up/Down gearshift buttons are integrated in the steering wheel, while the reverse button is positioned on the centre console.

The FOUR-C (Continuously-Controlled Chassis Concept), is the same as in the Performance Concept Cars. What is unique about FOUR-C is its ability to collect huge amounts of information about the way in which the car moves and to respond instantly by adjusting the damper characteristics accordingly. The ACC2 is also fitted with electronically-controlled All Wheel Drive.

Volvo says that the XC70 will go into production sometime next year.


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