Art Workshops & Lectures on Sundays

Art Workshops & Lectures on Sundays

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Admission for all the workshops and lectures is free but participation for some of the activities is limited because they are designed for one-on-one interaction with the artists. Participation for these sessions will be on a first come-first served basis. Parents who bring their children need not worry about being distracted by cries of boredom as there will be a Fun Corner with creative activities for the little ones!

Techniques of Sketching and Painting for Adults (2.00 pm ~ 3.15 pm)

Conducted by Dorothy Thomas, this will be an interactive discussion during which she will exhibit several of her sketchbooks and discuss her interest in the subjects. She will also discuss the basics of good sketching and its importance as the framework for painting. During the discussion, participants will be able to see her produce a quick but effective sketch, learn what the rudiments of a good sketch box and what materials to include.

Demonstration and Interactive Lesson on Sketching & Painting (3.45 pm ~ 5.00 pm)

Also conducted by Ms Thomas, this session will reveal how she creates a painting using tone and colour first and then sequential addition of details.

The maximum number of participants per session is 15.

MAY 6:
Framing Fabulous Art (2.00 pm ~ 3.15 pm)

This session will be conducted by Dr Juhari Murros who personally restored and framed each painting done by the late Van Den of Vietnam. Dr Murros will demonstrate the process of framing and discuss materials that are appropriate for each work of art.

Lecture on Parallels of Vietnamese History and Van Den (4.15 pm ~ 5.00 pm)
As the owner and curator of the late Van Den’s work, Dr Murros has intimate knowledge of all the artist’s works. He will discuss them and also share a manuscript of the artist that he has been working on along with 77 other photographs of all the surviving Van Den works.

Maximum number of participants per session is 30.

MAY 13:
Interactive Demo and Talk on Knife Pallette Painting (2.00 pm ~ 3.15 pm, 4.15 pm ~ 5.00 pm)

Malaysian Yap Kim Boon will demonstrate the use of oil painting with a knife palette, showing how a three-dimensional effect can be achieved with such a technique. He will also offer an insight into the difference this technique makes to the visual experience.


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