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    CD 700

    CD/Tuner head unit
    The flagship single disc CD 700 CD/Tuner head unit embodies the spirit of Nakamichi’s innovation and technological lead in the design and manufacture of Car Stereo. From the brushed-aluminum faceplate, a new CD suspension to withstand shock and vibration to magnetic disc clamping system, the CD 700 provides the finest quality to front the best Car Audio Systems.

    MB 100

    6-Disc Music Bank CD Changer/Tuner Head Unit

    The award winning MB 100 6-piece indash CD changer head unit is another of Nakamichi’s innovation in Car Stereo. What look like a standard single disc CD head unit actually swallows 6 CDs at one go and provides Nakamichi famed sound quality from both the CD and tuner section. The preamplification and Digital to Analogue convertor section is housed separately in a hideaway chassis and provides equalization through Nakamichi’s Acoustic Response Compensator which has switchable frequency and level settings to compensate in-car response anomalies.

    MB 75

    6-Disc Music Bank CD Changer/Receiver Head Unit

    Winner of 1999 CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award, the MB 75 is a 6-disc indash CD changer receiver. The amplifier section is housed in a separate hideaway chassis and features 4 X 40 watts of amplification. Magnetic disc clamping as in the MB 100 ensures the highest possible stability and vibration free performance as well as gentle disc handling.

    CD 45z

    High Performance In-Dash Single Disc CD/Receiver Head Unit

    Stunningly attractive, powerful and capable of delivering the most refined mobile music reproduction, the CD 45z reflect Nakamichi’s technological expertise in high end CD player design. High powered 4 X 40 watts amplifier, 20 bit DAC, 4v pre out and sophisticated bass, mid, treble tone controls are featured in this unit.


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