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The suspension of the Kenari is very straightforward and typical of many front-wheel drive cars. At the front, each wheel has independent suspension using MacPherson struts with integral coil springs and shock absorbers. The rear wheels have semi-trailing arm location, coil springs and telescopic dampers with a beam tightly maintaining the 1260 mm track.

Though it is in the minicar class, the Kenari has larger diameter wheels than the Kancil – 13 inches instead of 12 inches. The Kenari EX and GX would have steel wheels and wheel caps but the EZ comes with 7-spoke aluminium rims (4-stud mounting).

The standard tyre size is 155/65R13, the aspect ratio being a good compromise for traction and comfort. Most of the cars shown to the press during the preview had Simex tyres but it is understood that Goodyear tyres will also be used.

Rack and pinion steering is used and other than the Kenari EX, the other two versions have power assistance to lighten the effort when parking… not that the Kenari is particularly heavy at around 845 kgs. Being small obviously makes for ease of turning and this is enhanced by the exceptionally small turning circle of 8.6 metres (at the wheels).


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