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Waja is the first Proton to use modular assembly techniques, an approach
many manufacturers now use to reduce costs, increase assembly quality
and speed, and also enhance reliability. Modular construction involves
having a specific area of the car, eg the door or bumper, being
delivered to the factory as a complete pre-assembled unit which can be
immediately installed. This is different from the past practice where
such sections were delivered in hundreds of separate pieces which would
have to be put together on the line.

Waja has some 20 modules which include the first plastic fuel tank
module ever used in a Proton. One particular module highlighted by
Proton is the power window module designed and engineered by Delloyd
Ventures, a Malaysian company which has been a Proton component supplier
since 1985. This module is said to be the first of its type in the world
as it uses two pulleys for more reliable and smooth operation. Delloyd
Ventures developed it with technical assistance from a leading German

seems fitting that Proton focussed on the power windows because this has
in the past been a sore point with Proton owners. Tengku Mahaleel
himself expressed much unhappiness when he used to see owners having to
open their doors to pay toll because the mechanisms had failed

are very proud of this innovation which is the fruit of a smart
partnership with one of our leading vendors,” said Tengku Mahaleel.
The ‘smart partnership’ he spoke of also referred to the involvement of
Proton’s top-tier vendors in the GX program almost from the start. This
also helped speed up the time to complete the project because the
vendors were assigned to actually develop and engineer the modules,
rather than taking designs from Proton and simply making them.

Other leading companies which are supplying modules for the Waja include
Denso Malaysia, TRW, and Hirotako Holdings.


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