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Toyota Unser glx

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Posted 12 January 2007 - 05:10 PM


    6th Gear

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Hi all,

Actually searching for MPV especially those ranging 50000 to 60000
Can anyone give share/opinions to Unser 1.8GLX 2003 or 2004 regarding:
1)FC - long distance( since it will be use for long distance only - city
wise , still be using my old iswara)
3)Spare parts since toyota no more selling new one. Is it easy to find for
spare parts? is any workshop can do unser. How much is roughly for timing
belt etc....?
4)How much is it now? market value?
5) Other choice?


Posted 12 January 2007 - 08:18 PM


    Road Warrior

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port 112,

you may find more info about unser in our thread Unser Q&A now in page 2
already, will refresh it for you later

btw, your queries :

1) FC - the BIG question . Like ppl said, if worry about FC, don't consider
big cars. Honestly, FC will be definitely be more than a sedan but nothing
can replace the SPACE that you get for that long trip. So gotta pay the price

2) Problems? You gotta be kidding... it is the most hassle-free vehicle to
own. Read my signature.

3) Don't worry about parts. Lots and lots of it not only from UMW but also
spare part shops. Think about this, even the KE70 Corolla more than 20
years old still can find parts. There is no timing belt to change cos it
runs on timing chain, servicing cost is reasonable provided you don't send
to UMW SC. Most expensive will be at every 40K km to flush ATF if you own
an auto. Otherwise, no headache, won't break your wallet.

4) current price i think for LGX model around year 2003 is around 60+ K,
but the earlier version less than 60K

5) other choice... for your budget is the old Serena, Naza ria or Carnival
also can get (plus the headache FOC), Trajet too ... you better do some
research first


Posted 12 January 2007 - 10:39 PM


    6th Gear

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thank lgx, it will do just good with your reply since i'm not that worry
on FC since it will be use just for long distance maybe once a month for
my ride to trg (from kl). For others like Naza Ria or carnival , i guess
with my current pay i wont be able to maintain those, accept for maybe
Serena .If u dont mind, 2 more questions :

1) how often do u change timing chain, if say i manage to get one lgx
from 2003, if nothing has been done with the timing chain (mileage around
60000 - 80000m) do i need to change or service it?

2) how big difference are between the gli model with lgx in term hmm..let
say power, FC , conmfort etcc.?

appreaciate your reply, i ll try to read tru on unser Q&A also.


Posted 13 January 2007 - 10:00 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Hi port112,

You do not have to worry about timing chain provided that you use a
good quality lubricant and change it at the required interval.Typically
the timing chain will out last the timing belt by at least 3 times, and
even than, it won't break, it will just give off some very irritating
rattling noise. If you can get the lgx model with the kind of mileage that
you mentioned, and if it has been properly taken care off, than there is
no worries about the timing chain.
Coming to the difference between the LGX model and the previous 2 models,
well, there is no difference in terms of power, comfort or FC. There are
however many other differences, mainly the looks (LGX looks more 'garang')
not so van like. The interior is more up-market...with 2 tone dash board,
better seat fabrics, 2 din player (cassette/radio + cd player), bigger
side mirrors, 2 roof bars, nicer looking side steps, factory fitted
alloy rims and the third row seat is split 50/50,offering more flexibility
compared to the older version where it is the bench type.The best part I
like about the 3rd row seat is that I'am able to lower it down fully to
make it like a bed (my children loves it) and still can put soft bags
under it.
Over-all it is a good vehicle to own, very versatile and offers lots of
space, just like what Mr. LGX has mentioned.
There are however 3 points that I feel may not appeal to some people. I
won't call it bad or negative, it just depends on each person's
perception. No.1 is the rear suspension. It has leaf springs. It can be
rather hard, but than again, if you are carrying lots of things, than it
is very good...virtually indestructable. No.2 is the power. The Unser is
slightly under powered. That again depends on individual driving style.
One can't go zooming like in a sedan, the Unser is not meant to be
driven like a sports sedan. Lastly is of course the FC. Also just like
Mr. LGX has mentioned, you can't get the best of both worlds lah.You got
to be realistic. However after owning the Unser for 3 years now, and also
after talking to many other owners of other brands of MPVs, I have come
to realise that the Unsers FC is actually quite good.
So, if you are seriously looking for an Unser, my advise is to go for a
test drive with all in the family and take it from there, and try to get
the LGX model....heee...heeeee has better looks lah.



Posted 14 January 2007 - 11:44 PM


    Road Warrior

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newunser has done a detailed explanation there for you, port112. ThumbUp

timing chain is something that you can just drive and forget, provided you
keep to the regular schedule of changing engine oil depending on type of
oil synthetic or mineral.

Just repeating a point i learnt from newunser, you probably have sold the
car already before even the timing chain starts to give problem. Smile

I have a friend owning the 1st batch Unser from 1999 till now , way past
150K kms and still serving well, mine already 70K km (2004 model)

I owned also the elder cousin of Unser, the '83 corolla GL KE70 which runs
on the same engine as our Unser, the engine is still running strong despite
already a quarter century old Big Smile ... that's timing chain

Like newunser explained, GLi and LGX are just cosmetic upgrades, engine
wise really identical. You can scout around Toyota Topmark if they have
used Unsers and try to have a closer look

There are a few LGX Unsers here at used car dealers in Kuantan...

Btw, to enhance and improve the ride comfort and NVH, I am looking and
contemplating on Autofoam ... www.autofoam.com.my


Posted 15 January 2007 - 08:51 AM


    6th Gear

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Thank u all, appreciate your reply, will check at Top Mark to see if can
get a good one. Is there any good SC for Toyota (beside UMW) in Puchong

Dont care much if Underpower, actually used to it, i drive iswara(10 years
old) hehehe...



Posted 15 January 2007 - 10:06 PM


    Road Warrior

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to try squeeze some juice from the engine you can consider using good lube
like fully synth oil, get good sparks, cyclone 2 , Volt Stabilizer and
grounding cables

Big Smile


Posted 16 January 2007 - 08:47 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Better still.....lay your hands on a turbo charger c/w inter-cooler...and
Voila !!!!Big SmileBig Smile you will be the fastest Unser ever...heee..heee...heee
Big SmileBig Smile


Posted 16 January 2007 - 10:08 AM


    6th Gear

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hahaha..... u guys....if i m capable of paying all those things better for
me to look for wish or estima,,,caldina....heheheh... Just wanna a space
for my kids to play around while travelling for 7 to 8 hours to TRG....!!
Anyaway nice advise


Posted 16 January 2007 - 11:32 AM


    Fast & Furious

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hi port112,

Hai yah....sometimes must do some day dreaming abit lah....also to spice
up an otherwise boring day.Big SmileClown