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Altis - Shift lock and ABS/VSC/TRC lights

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Posted 28 February 2006 - 08:58 AM



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New problems on my Altis 1.8.

1. Sometimes shift lock does not unlock by pressing the brake pedal, have
to press again then only able to shift out from P. Just now was even worse,
only managed to unlock it by pressing the shift lock button.

2. This happened since last Thursday, and it happened again on Friday, and
today twice. ABS, VSC, TRC OFF indicator lights were on after I released my
handbrake. The lights off again just after awhile.

Hopefully these are only minor problems. Pray hard...


Posted 28 February 2006 - 09:59 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Is your Altis still under warranty? Better go and check & replace the
damage parts before it is too late....everything cost more expensive due
to petrol increased. BTW, how old is your Altis. I am worry too, because
mine is less than a year.


Posted 01 March 2006 - 08:58 AM



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I got the car on July 2005, so it is less than 8 months.

I have called the service manager and arranged to see them tomorrow
morning. The situation now has become worse as the indicator lights on more
often then last week.

Seriously, never expect Altis gives me so much of troubles. Actually I have
a long list of complaints and have already sent the customer relation
division an email few weeks ago. The service manager is actually arranging
a special inspection/test drive with their HQ technician. Before got them
to see me, I have these new problems.


Posted 01 March 2006 - 10:34 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Wish you luck tomorrow. Mine Altis Should be the same batch with yours.

I find that the engine is quite noisy but sa told that it is very normal
and now my dashboard got rattling sound. Had check with sa during service
but they have no idea where is sound comes from.

You mentioned that has a long list of complaints, can you share with us
what are the problems?


Posted 02 March 2006 - 02:41 PM



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Now my car is in service center waiting for parts to be delivered.

After checking with computer tester, 2 errors found, and both are related
to brake system. First one is Master Cylinder bla bla bla.., and second is
ABS mulfunction. They said the problem of shift unlock is actually caused
by an electronic switch in the brake system, and it is also very likely
related to all these 2 errors.

Remedy: Change 2 switches, one is the shift unlock switch, one is at the
master pump. According to a technician, he came accross few cases of shift
unlock switch malfunction.


Posted 02 March 2006 - 10:33 PM


    Taxi Driver

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so sorry to hear that. surprisingly that corolla model before altis has
no problem with gear shift lock.

Does that mean toyota has change their engineer? altis has so much of
problem 1st-soft absorber, brake problem, rattling sound that still not
rectified, now shift lock problem.

Thought altis is going to stop production soon that the technician should
have solve all the problem arise in the 1st batch in year 2001 launched.

most ppl saying new corolla is coming 2007 but altis old problem still
can not be solve for the last 5 years. wondering how are they going to
cope with all the complaints. very very very disappointed!Frown


Posted 03 March 2006 - 12:19 PM



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Yes, Altis has more problem than I expect. I don't consider soft absorber
is a problem but rather a design characteristic. This setup gives you
comfort but not handling.

I wish to share some findings here based on own experience with not less
than 5 test drive, posting in this forum, plus few talks with Toyota
technicians. If I have missed out something or you don't agree, please
discuss here.

** Most likely common to ALL **

1. Noisy gearbox, especially during first gear. ALL tested Altis got the
noise. If your Altis gearbox is quiet, please let me know.

2. Knocking noise caused by the free play in the drive shaft spider
assembly. I have already mentioned the way to create the noise in my
previous post. SC said it is the design character and it is safe.

3. Handbrake noise. A lot of people think that it is absorber noise, but
actually it is not. I asked a technician about this during the test drive
yesterday, according to him, ALL Altis and Vios (you can see a lot of Vios
owners complain noise from absorber in this forum) have this issue, and
they have actually study the problem in the workshop but couldn't find a

4. Boot hard to close. Very small problem and can be solved easily but
surprisingly, you can see the same complaint from Taiwan's car forum.

5. Echo from front passenger door when shutting. Very very small problem,
just ask SC to put more sealant on to the steel bar. Just wondering why no
improvement is done during the production time even SC has already know
this is a common problem.

6. A lot of owners complaints about the noisy Bridgestone tyres. I suspect
the echo noise when drive over certain metal joints on bridge (example: NPE
from Sunway tol heading to KL) or bumps are actually caused by the tyres.
Got them changed if you can't tolerate them.

7. Purely exterior/interior cosmetic problems. If you are very particular
about the these type of defects like an Altis owner I met before, you may
find few issues on the exterior/interior (i.e. hood alignment, curve at
boot, left right gap between body and bumper, and etc). Some of them are
there since the first batch.

8. Week sound proof, that is why a lot of owners complain about noisy
engine. Of course, this engine is never quiet. Besides, you may hear a lot
of other noises, like power steering pump, fan relay, compressor, and some
other unknown noises. Probably I have bigger ears... hehehehe...

9. Handling is poor. Accept the fact, this car is tunned for comfort only,
plus the torsion beam and thin steel bar, you really can't expect much.
This car floats at high speed.

** Not all but at least more than 1 owner have these issues **

1. Knocking noise from rear absorber. WHI was the first posted this issue
here. Few other owners have also experieced the similar problem. Use search
function in this forum and look for all posts from user WHI to find out more.

2. Gear shift lock switch. I am definitely not an isolated case according
to the SC. If you can't move your gear out from P occasionally, just report
it to your SC.


Posted 06 March 2006 - 12:40 PM



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luckily i never heard any knocking noice from rear absorber until now
after i claim a new absorber from SC. nelson77 also have that problem
also, maybe he solve his problem also after go to SC.

vfp, you miss out one thing..our "NEW" battery die off before 1 year
warrentee.. Big Smile


Posted 06 March 2006 - 10:56 PM


    Taxi Driver

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notice that most Altis owners having rear absorber problems but not the
front one.

anyone can tell me how long can rear absorber last. it seems like most of
all have changed the rear absorber within the 3 years warranty period.

wonder why nowadays toyota absorbers are so FRAGILE !

what is the mileage looks like within 3 years?

does anyone know the most mileage can go before changing absorber if
driving alone without any weight loaded? just curios, guys. pls don't
laugh for this question.thank youShy


Posted 07 March 2006 - 12:17 AM


    Fast & Furious

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shocks or struts has a life span also. Some konk after 50k km, like my
front struts. I read that some last 25k miles before it expires and break

To ALTIS manual tranny owners,

I was in Bangkok and took a Taxi, and Altis, and I noticed the RPM runs
pretty freely between 3 to 4k RPM during gear shifts. Is this normal or
heavy footed? The Taxi driver is Ah Pek woh.

My normal gear change is around 1800 to 2250 RPM since the 4A-FE engine has
high torque at low end. 3 to 4k RPM shifts for me is going to be very
fast, like a guy having diahorea rushing back for that comfy toilet seat.