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Naza Blade 250

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Posted 16 February 2005 - 08:36 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Finally traded in my Suzuki FXR 150 for a Naza Blade 250. Been looking
for 250 bikes, the limit of my riding license, and bought the Naza Blade
250 coz it looks like the FXR 150 engine, doubled.

Transferred the complete set of rear Givi Monolock Box and twin side Givi
boxes together with the original carrier with a little modification.
Looks good, and maybe for the time being the one Naked Street Bike Tourer
in KL.

Still using my first tankful of gas, after 150km, the fuel gauge has
hardly moved. If accurate, then the fuel consumption figures would be
something to shout about. I normally get about 20km/l on the FXR 150 and
will have some figures for the Blade 250 in near future.

The stability of the bike is good, brakes are ok. The tyres are huge but
the bike does not feel too heavy. Love the big, flat, wide seats.

I will share more experiences within this thread, but pictures, I am not
sure how to post it.


Posted 17 February 2005 - 01:26 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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hey azhar167, 1st of all congrats for braving yourself and travel down
unknown waters buying a NAza Blade. To tell the truth Naza Blade is not
really likened here, but since you're the 1st here to admit buying it, we
all loved to hear from you on feedbacks on how the bike performs and its
reliability especially. We here all mostly korok bikers aka not much
money so if you're reckon that the NAza Blade is indeed worth it's money
than maybe some of us here will feel a bit relieved to buy it.

With reference to fuel consumption, don't calculate now when the engine
is still running in, do it later after 1000km. Later when you clocked
more than 1000km mileage, may I suggest do what I did to all my new bike.
Buy yourself a litre of spare fuel and keep it in you box. Fill up your
tank, reset the trip meter and ride your bike out on your normal ride
routes and jot down the figures at what km does the 1/2 tank and E light
up(Blade 250 don't have gauges I believe, only lights indicating 1/2 tank
and Empty). Ride the bike until ALL the fuel is consumed(when the bike
died out, might be a bit dangerous here, a word of caution).Jot down at
what mileage does the bike died out. Now, use the 1L spare fuel you
carried before, fill that up into your tank and ride to the nearest fuel
station. Note how many litres you filled up, and now you can calculate
what's your average fuel consumption and at what mileage roughly does
your tank really is empty without relying on the light gauges. Oh yeah,
don't forget to add also that 1L of fuel you used in the calculations.
Happy riding!


Posted 17 February 2005 - 03:56 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Hi nazirmz,

Hmm, ok.

I think I really depend on the dealer who sold me the bike instead of
Naza themself. I used the Suzuki FXR150 for so many years without much
support from Lion Suzuki, whom u all know closed down their service
centre in Shah Alam not so long ago. But that another stroy.

The Naza Blade 250 comes with a fuel gauge, only the Blade 650 has those
lights thingy. As for the fuel consumption, I have better idea. Instead
of having to carry the 1 liter and risking the bike conk out due to fuel
starvation. I will calculate the cost of fuel between 2 full tanks and
look at the milage. Shld be accurate enough.

So far riding in town is still ok, I was afraid my side boxes would be
too wide for KL riding but so far I can still manage. Wind is a bit
strong at 110km/h, I wonder how to ride at 140km/h without losing my
toupee/dentures. Big Smile

Will keep you all entertained then, since it is Naza bike.


Posted 17 February 2005 - 04:20 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Thanks azhar167 coz giving d info. finally there's one person who wants to
share. Please keep us posted on d bike performance. Hope 2 hear good
remarks. If u dont mind, i believe a few of us would like to test your
bike. boleh ke? :)


Posted 17 February 2005 - 04:59 PM



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Kewl you got the naza aka hyosung bike....i ride a hyosung
also...its the cruise 2 chopper.

Just to share what i know, you can go to www.malaysianbikers.com.my/home,
there are 2 member there who own a blade (250 and 650). Until now they dont
have any negetive comments.

From my experience with hyosung bike....the part is expensive, so be very
cermat using the bike, my air filter cost about RM30-RM50 and plug cable
cost about RM200. Luckly (if you can say lucky la) my bike can use others
suzuki bike part like rantai, break, cable etc....

From my point of view, if the rider used to ride a smaller bike they will
not complain about naza blade. But if the rider is used to other superbike
they will find something to complaint. Well thats my opinion....:). anyone
is welcome to disagre heheheh

If i can afford to buy one...i will.


Posted 18 February 2005 - 02:42 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Hi Surfer,

I remember the Hyosung Cruise ll when they first brought into Malaysia.
Dat time it cost about RM12,000 so I look for something else. Dat time
also got no Jaguh so I guess exclusive the Cruise. Naza spoil their own
market by charging too much for the bike and until today, the showroom at
Kampung Baru is filled with the Cruise.

So I bought a Suzuki VR125 and lanyak for 6 months, up down JB - KL every
week. Service at 2000km intervals every month also the engine cannot
tahan and start to burn 4T oil. Then change to the Suzuki FXR 150.

And you are right, the Naza Blade is actually called the Hyosung Comet
250 and 650. I am not sure about the cost of spares yet... but please
spare me.

Yes, I cannot complain about the bike as it gets me going from point A to
point B quite comfortably and from the initial guesstimates, at very good
fuel consumption figures.



Posted 18 February 2005 - 04:12 PM



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So you have been using suzuki tech bike until now....
do you know that comet 250 is based also on suzuki bike..
the sv naked

If you dont mine, can you story the finance part of buying
the bike,

I'm semi serious about getting this bike, well my bike is
3 years old.....(the other semi is waiting for modenas bike...
if there are going to launch bigger cc bike...still waiting)

So i need to ask some question, boleh ?? If the answer is no,
still i will ask anyway :)

The prob with cruise 2 is the tank and its plastic frame
is noisy, it make quite an annoying sound, does blade have
the same annoying sound?

The chain.....this is forever the problem with cruise 2,
every 1-2 week you have to tegang kan rantai, if not
the annoying sound will haunt you the rest of the ride,
does blade have the same annoying chain problem?

cruise 2 will cruise the highway at 100-110kmph
at 7500-8000RPM. The max rpm is at 11000 while top speed
at 115-120kmph at 8000-9000rpm. The redline is at 9000rpm.
The question is at 110kmph what will the rpm be for blade.
Pickup / acceleration ok compare to FXR?

On full tank 14 liter cruise 2 can go max 300-350km journey.

Is Blade high enough to masuk terowong moto which is full
of water about 1 feet, I test Cruise 2 and it can.

The rear tyre....very bad for cruise 2.....toooooo slippery
if anybody which to buy cruise 2....better change the rear
tyre. Does blade tyre comes from korea, is it slippery?

Sorry for the long question.....but i must ask the last question.
How do you compare FXR150 with Blade 250, and is it worth the

Thats all for now.
Thanks in advance.


Posted 18 February 2005 - 04:25 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Ko beli aje la Surfer. Kalo best, aku nak gak bli sbijik. Buy 1 free 1 cam
Nitro/JRD pun best gak.


Posted 18 February 2005 - 06:04 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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I believe Blade comes with Michelin Pilot Sport or Bridgestone BT-020, if
not mistaken...


Posted 18 February 2005 - 06:35 PM



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buy with what .... no money right now even to buy nitro/jrd,
simpan dulu duit nanti la beli

azhar..you may check the following link, related to blade 250