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Myvi 1.3 auto VS Avanza 1.3 E Auto

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Posted 25 July 2007 - 05:38 PM



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Hi all,

Which is better to go for either Myvi 1.3 Auto OR Avanza 1.3E?? I'm
thinking to change for my wife next car.....which is almost city drives
for kids schooling and her working distances.

I'm interesting on below info's comparison to both above:-
- FC usages to both
- Maintainance cost on tear or wear
- ..or else...reliable functionate...

I know there are diff categories, but just thinking on which should grab
for as understand the prices has differ approx. 10-12K.


Posted 26 July 2007 - 12:41 AM


    Taxi Driver

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MYVI is better Avanza on city n easy drive for girl. maint. cheaper than
toyota. both also from toyota eng.


Posted 31 July 2007 - 04:15 AM


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Both was using K3-VE engine derive from Daihatsu (Engine developed by
Daihatsu & Toyota). It was not really 100% Toyota engine.

As I know from you comment, you're family man. Since you already got one
car which was 4 doors or 2 doors. I suggest you to take Toyota Avanza
1.3E auto. You're now need basic 7 seater MPV.

FC, city driving for auto, almost the same. Now new Toyota Avanza 1.3E
got slightly twaeking and tuning for improved FC and power. Maintainance
cost for Toyota Avanza new car will cost more than Myvi. A lot of owner
complaint the charges by Toyota was too expensive.

Realible, I believe both are reliable. So far so good, beside FC from
both got different comment, no major issue. It just Myvi was front wheel
drive where else Avanza was rear wheel drive.

Think twice for your requirement. Myvi for city travelling, Avanza for
family use, I can say it was MPV starter pack.


Posted 31 July 2007 - 11:29 AM



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I'm still on the midst/dilemma on above opt which is the most practically
and worth on getting change....

Yes, for Avanza (1.3 E auto)- this may lead a joy rides of families if
travelling for holiday.....
While, Myvi auto - this was practically on daily city drives on carrying
kids schooling and work station...

Anyhow, i was plan in change by 1st quarter of next year which is still
plenty times for me ...to think of!!


Posted 06 August 2007 - 06:38 PM


    Fast & Furious

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for the same set of use and traffic conditions, avanza fc will be some
15-20% more, being a heavier car (about 150kg more.......)

if you do NOT need 7 seats, myvi will be a better ride, more nippy, and
easier to park.........and save some fuel money......avanza is under
powered, and engine is rough on the highway, due to the tuning..........

i should know..........i've got both.........


Posted 08 August 2007 - 10:09 AM


    Hot Rod

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advanza 1.3 is suffering from FC and under power due to heavy body...
unless you get 1.5 advanza, then it is better.

if you just using the car for fetching the children to school and you
have ard 3 kids, then no point going for MPV. it is always nice to have
MPV but dont buy it for the sake of buying it... due to nice to have

as other forumer said, you dont need to 7 seaters if you just have 5
people in the family... is a waste of money.

advanza 1.3 easily cost more than RM60K++ and myvi... standard one is
less than RM50K. the different at least RM10K to RM15K...


Posted 08 August 2007 - 02:35 PM



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fc... myvi wins...
maintainance cost... myvi wins...
reliable... unless ur family is kinda big... than myvi...


Posted 09 August 2007 - 01:31 AM


    Taxi Driver

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myvi lah can save 10-15k oBig Smile


Posted 09 August 2007 - 07:54 AM


    Taxi Driver

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I have a pre-facelift Avanza 1.3 auto. And I have relatives using MYVI and
have driven those before too. Here are my personal views, hope it can help you.

1. Comfort - MYVI wins, Avanza is bouncy
2. FC - MYVI wins, my Avanza's avg FC from day 1 till now is about 10.8km/l
3. Transmission - MYVI wins, Avanza's transmission has slight jerk when
shifting, that's due to the rear wheel drive. Also Avanza's gearing is such
that at 110km/h the RPM is 3800. MYVI's in comparison is only 3000.
4. Space - Avanza wins without a fight. MYVI's boot is not very big, if you
have to carry 3-4 people with luggage, it will be a problem.

My opinion is you should get Avanza only if you need the 7 seater and/or
the space (i.e. carry 4-5 people and yet still have a lot of luggage space
at the back. I once went outstation with only 4 people in the car, but had
so much of luggage in the back (3 big bags, few plastic containers filled
with foodstuffs). The advantage is you can stack up quite a lot of things
at the back compared to sedans.

Avanza is also good for city driving, but not for long distance, high speed
driving as it's less comfortable than sedans - unless you are willing to
spend money on more sound proofing (the stock car already has quite good
design, because there is no wind noise at all even at 110km/h but engine
sounds like F1 due to the gearing mentioned earlier) and changing the
suspension system to after market versions.

If you don't need the space/7 seater, I'd say it's a no brainer - get the
MYVI. Save the RM12-15k.


Posted 10 August 2007 - 05:17 PM



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I own both of this cars and their consumption is almost the same except
the quality of Toyota is definitely much better. Avanza is slightly
bouncy if you do not load it up with passangers as its absorber is
designed to carry weight.

The good thing about MYVI is a very nice little town car when comes to
parking. But the Avanza turning circle will shock many car smaller than
its size.