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Demister (heater wiring) spoil caused by tint

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Posted 15 May 2006 - 09:44 PM



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Hi All,

Is there anyway to fix the demister (heater wiring) if it is spoil?

What happen to me is that many pieces of the demister line of my City are
being pull out by changing of the defected V-kool film by an authorized v-
kool dealer.

Does honda warranty or v-kool warranty cover this issue? If not, anyway to
fix this problem? Should i change the whole rear windows in order to fix
that? If yes, how much for that for a Honda City car?

Please advice.



Posted 16 May 2006 - 08:09 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Dear siangjen,

Unfortunately, I have to give a YES answer as in bad news. In an event of
extracting the tint film from the rear windscreen, the demister lines will
be damaged. But that depends on the skill of the worker and how delicate
are the demister lines. Also, if your tint is already more than one year
old, chances of the lines damaged or pulled off are very high.

Anyway didn't the V-kool service people tell you about it? They should
notify you of the risk before continuing. It is your right to know and
command them to or not to proceed. I went through the same problem as yours
before 2 months ago. The people there were kind enough to notify me of the
risks. I didn't care about demisting features (cause it sort of like
damages a tint, very very slow way) so I ask them to proceed.

Both Honda and V-kool will not provide any warranty on such issues. There's
no way to fix this problem other than not to let it happen. In order to fix
this, you'll need to re-order a new rear windscreen. I'm not sure if there
are people who can 'reconnect' the demister lines. Maybe you can try
windscreen shops.


Posted 16 May 2006 - 12:43 PM


    Road Warrior

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I`ve discussed this issue extensively in TeamCity forum coz it happens to
me on March. Can`t remember which thread tho. I got the same problems with
many demister torn out.

The rear demister damage cannot be repair and had to replace whole screen.
A member recently replaced demister screen outside at abt RM800.

U can give a call to TeamCity member aka Dr. Cermin (SAM YONG Windscreen
Specialist) with shop at Cheras and Puchong. Can call SAM at h/p 012-238
7908 / 012-3837598 to check out pricing and installation cost if needed.

I`ve also raise the issue of risk to demister if VKool tint installed by
external vendors. However if tint was installed directly thru SA (via
VKool HQ or its direct installer), any re-tint had to go to VKool HQ.

The good thing is VKool HQ got a 6 month warranty on demister screen when
installed directly by HQ installer (plz check, might be wrong). External
authorized vendors had no such warranty, thus any re-tinting by these
vendors will be at ur risk.

HQ normally does not accept re-tint request if installed by these vendors
and instruct u to go back to these vendors for re-tint. Only those tint
installed directly by them (either in HQ or thru SA where they send
installer to SA place), will be entertain by PJ HQ.

Since mine was damage during retint in PJ HQ and still within the 6 months
demister warranty (if this warranty is correct), VKool HQ replaced the
screen FOC at nearby HONDA SC. I`m relieve as it was handled efficiently
by VKool HQ staff and replaced within a few days by JHonda SC. VKool HQ
bear the full price of the screen. However plz note this does not apply to
damage done after 6 months warranty.


Posted 16 May 2006 - 01:26 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Siangjen, you heard Cavino. Do a quick check to see if you're entitled.


Posted 16 May 2006 - 03:21 PM


    Road Warrior

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If damage was done thru re-tint at HQ within the 6 mths warranty period
(urs is a new few months ride like mine), the staff would have arranged to
change it for u on spot. Based on ur post, ur installation was by external
vendors (non HQ), right? I don't think u got such warranty (these warranty
might not be formal coz its not listed on warranty card, might be
workmanship warranty by HQ itself)......however no harm checking it out.


Posted 16 May 2006 - 05:10 PM



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if you just need to touch up the demister grips, that's easy!

find epoxy(one of them is epoxy silver) which can conduct electricity.
please make sure u bought the correct one, else you will be in trouble.

another way is find a ready solution, there are "conducting" pens and
other product make purposely for demister repair.

try google for "defogger repair" and you can find range of products and
buy it online. It cost from usd8 to usd15 + shipping at most usd20
(altogether still cheaper then changing the rear screen). :D

I recommend you to buy online since most of the shops in malaysia didnt
sell this kind of thing and even quite hard to find silver epoxy. I found
one, but they want to sell whole tong! :)) Better to get one conductive
pen online then DIY, you can shape your demister grip like turtle or love
shape! tat's cool! :P

< one of the products.

em <ebay for your convenient! :D



Posted 18 May 2006 - 01:49 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Years ago, one demister element in my Civic EG/SR4 was severed by careless
tinting. After yelling at the installer, he attached a very thin strand of
copper wire to join the severed element, with the strand of wire being
held to the glass surface by a small piece of tinting film slapped over
the strand of wire. Rather inelegant but it worked. I stuck a piece of
decorative sticker over the affected area to hide the flaw.

In my case, it was only one element. In your case, siangjen, it seems that
the damage is much more extensive so the repair job described above
wouldn't be feasible. My suggestion would be to replace the rear screen