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City IDSI Air Cond Compressor Burned

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Posted 21 October 2006 - 09:01 AM



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My almost 2 years City's aircond compressor has it's last breath out
yesterday by burning itself..

I took my car to Honda service center and ask for warranty claim. What
drive me nuts is none of the 3S center in KL and Melaka have the
replacement part in stock and I'll have to wait for 2 weeks for the part
to arrived.

Imagine I've to drive without air cond for the next 2 weeks under the

Best part is the center told me that I'm not the first one who had this
problem.. This compressor issue is common to all Honda City. They have
served more than 30 same issue since launched of City. Imagine that is
only one service center.. How about the rest???

My question to Honda is,,,

Since they know this is a known issue for air cond compressor. Why can't
they recall or have service center to have more replacement part?

No doubt,, City is the lowest range in Honda series but still higher than
most of the same range offer in market. Why are we getting this kind of
product quality? First, air cond compressor, than gear box, and than,

I'm very upset with Honda Malaysia. Hope they are reading this forum to
understand my frustration.


Posted 21 October 2006 - 12:36 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Sent a letter to HM and told them detail about your story. I had few
experience before, one is gearbox mounting, one is wheel bearing. The
result is good. Hope this help.

My previos contract to HM was lily_ong@honda.net.my

My mail was as follow.

Dear sir,

I had sent my car to a service centre to complainabout the car got
sound when accerelate. An hour later the service adviser call me telling
that my CVT gearbox mounting was crack and there didn't have the part at
the moment. Ask me to take back my car and wait about 1 week. And the
time is not confirm. When the parts arrive, they will call me. At the
mean time it is ok to continue driving the car. But I do not thing that
I'll drive my car with the crack mounting. Aren't you. And I already got
no car to used for 3 days. I remember last time I complain about the
start clutch problem that make my car jerk when moving, the sefvice
advicer said that is save to drive my car while waiting for the parts for
a month. Maybe on that time I continue drive my car and with jerking
every time and result gearbox mounting crack. Please take note on this
problem because other owener my have the same situation.

I am very unhappy with the support of your service centre. Just
imagine if I am going to outstation trip and I got no car to drive. I do
not know why the service centre need to take so long time to get the
part. Hounestly if my car is not under warrenty and if I want to get it
fix immediatly. I can just drive to any others service centre outside and
they may get the parts from the spare parts shop immediatly and get it
done less than half day. The important point is, NO NEED TO WAIT ONE

Another example is my friend's Honda windscreen crack. call up the
service centre all said got no stock and need to wait 1 day to get the
parts. And he just drive to normal work shop and the shop just ordered
the windscreen and get it fix, total time less than 2 hour. Both need to
pay, which one you prefere?

I hope you can take some action to fast up the parts supply in order
to let me wait 1 week. I buy a brand new car which got problem and need
to park and cannot used for 1 week. Reasonable?

If Honda service centre continue to operatre like this, I don't thing
I'll continue to service my car in Honda service centre after the
warrenty period. I can easily get original Honda parts out there. And I
does thing the outside workshop worker may provide same profesional
service as worker in Honda service centre. I do not know whether other
brands car service centre got the same system but I am not very happy
about the after sales service and support.

I believe you need the information below.

Car model.
Reg No.

Hope that you can take some action that I no need to wait so long for
the parts arrive


Posted 21 October 2006 - 04:06 PM



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Dear Chong,,

Thanks for your advice.. I'll drop a complain letter to Lily Ong for sure.

Thanks again.




Posted 22 October 2006 - 02:15 AM



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anybody honda city having engine oil leak from oil filter seal?
I found that even the oil filter was properly installed and tighten, it
will still having leak from the side seal.


Posted 23 October 2006 - 10:40 AM



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I know one guy whose IDSI's compressor failed within 6 months of
ownership. He had it replaced for FOC at the SC.


Posted 11 November 2006 - 09:15 AM



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Any idea of the contact focal point for Honda Malaysia who handle
complains again service center? Mind to share the contact no or e-mail?

I want to log an official complain regarding Wegro Honda Service Center
in Cheras regarding an unprofessional service provided and attempt to
cheat by advice to replace a working parts with charges of RM700.00

Story goes like this..

I brought my car to Wegro in Cheras to fix my air cond compressor but
outcome from them was not only the compressor was burned. The condensor
was hit by stone and need to be replaced. They menntioned the condensor
will not be covered under warranty and will be charged RM700.00 to

To my doubt, I went to another service center in Hulur Kelang (Imavest)
and have them to checked. To my suprise,, they mentioned that nothing
wrong with the condensor and they prove to me by open the small cover in
the air cond gas way and press with toothpick.. I can hear the loud gas
sound. They explained that if there's a condensor lickage. The gas will
lick and you won't heard the sound.

I'm very happy with their finding and have them to fixed my car.

I hope by complaining to Honda. They will take a stern action against the
irresponsible service center.

Hope this message will bring attention to all forummers in Autoworld to
think twice before sending their car to Wegro for service.


Posted 12 November 2006 - 02:32 AM


    Vanishing Point

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You sld have gotten the first SC to give you something in writing... then
you can make a case... now it is just your word...


Posted 12 November 2006 - 08:50 AM


    Fast & Furious

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I had an experience on one sc 3 years ago.

I took my car to have a free service, they supose to put in honda oil
into my car, but I saw they put in esso oil. I question them, they said
they have running out of stock for honda oil. I am very unhappy because
they do not inform me they will put in esso oil. Result much heavy engine
and makan minyak because of 15-40 oil.

Send an email to complaingive the my detail and even the sc resit. On 2nd
day, the sc call me to 2 times to say sorry and offer me to have another
oil change for free by different person.

I preffer email to complain rather by tel, because they can forword the
mail to persons in charge or maybe GM may read it. For call, the rep may
cut shot the story and only report 70% to they superior.


Posted 12 November 2006 - 10:01 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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when i went to check out on a 2nd hand honda city...that car's air cond
also broke down already... :P

looks like a common problem...