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Ford Lynx RS Problems & Solutions

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Posted 07 March 2005 - 01:57 PM



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Anybody to start?? Smile


Posted 07 March 2005 - 05:34 PM


    Fast & Furious

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..no manual and turbo charger!!! Big Smile


Posted 11 March 2005 - 12:10 PM



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Hi Dangnner,

I face the following Problems in the early days of my RS

1. Exhaust pipe sounds during acceleration (one and off - intermittently)
2. One time there is some knocking sound at the back
3. Driving door rubber not fitted correctly
4. Back side door screw missing


1. Complaints many times but not solved. Anyway, it is due to the cap,
decided to have some permanent fit by my own. stay with it.
2. Solved by PJ SC. park the RS overnight in the PJ SC
3. Solved by PJ SC during 2nd time Service
4. Replaced by PJ SC during 2nd time service

so far the PJ SC among the best to go


Posted 19 March 2005 - 04:08 PM



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I don`t think I hear any sounds from my exhaust

I also wonder whether when you mentioned back side door screw, were you
referring to the hole at the bottom of the back side doors? The service
supervisor at the Ford Service center along the Federal Highway mentioned
that those holes are to direct the water to flow down from the top of the
car during rains.

Anyway, I do have other complaints of my own.

1) Knocking sound at the front right tyre when I turn left and pressure
is on the front right tyre. Turn right and with pressure...no problem.
Straight roads with bumps and holes also no problem. It only happens
when I am going down a slope and right at the end when I turn left, the
knock kicks in. Help please. I went to the Ford servicing center and
they tightened the screw in two occassions but could not identify the
problem. I need to bring it back to them to take out the entire
suspension and have a look.

2) There is noise at my steering. Am not really sure that it`s coming
from the steering but it sounds like it is.

3) Ford Lynx RS runs on a 55 litre tank, right? I can only travel 380 KM
when the needle touches the end and the warning light comes up. How come
my friend can travel up to 600 km with his 55 litre 1.8 VVTi Toyota
Altis? Some one please enlighten me. I drive very casually mean,
occssaionally rev once or twice and normal drive from house to work
place, in the traffics and sometimes to KL and Shah Alam during the week.

4) and my Kenwood player...the sound is cracking. Every Cd I put in also
got cracking sound. Only the radio is working.

Don`t mean to discourage anyone who is considering Ford Lynx RS. I think
it`s my one that is giving the whole lot of problems. Can anyone
identify with my problems?

By the way, where and what is PJ SC by the way? Are they Ford specialist
as well? Hmmm...I`ve been thinking of an alternative once my free
service period
with Ford is over.


Posted 20 March 2005 - 09:28 AM



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on no 3, it is not a problem with your car...just your friend. 600km is a
load of bull! Change the friend, not the car.

on no 4, change the CD. If still happens, you should insist on a change.
It is still on warranty.

On PJ SC, think they are referring to the one along Jalan 222. If you have
seen Cycle and Carriage (Merc, Mazda, etc) and Toyota, it is on the
opposite side of Federal Highway. Should be better as their HQ is there I



Posted 21 March 2005 - 02:28 AM


    Fast & Furious

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on 4.) dont wait..bring it into your usual SC and get it changed under
warranty, why suffer?

on 3.) 380 on a full tank is about right, altis has smaller rims and
smaller cc..so FC is bound to be better


Posted 21 March 2005 - 10:01 AM



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hi dckw190703,

hmm...You also faced some issues in your RS. I think you better go and
claim the Kenwood sound systems asap. However, for 1 & 2 if you insist,
may have to go series of times to the SC, stick to one SC.

As my exhaust problem, i will check with them for the next visit,
sometimes it is really time consuming to visit the SC for all these. it
will take atleast one day.

i think all the SC skills in checking problems are so-so only, my exhaust
pipe vibration have 3-4 visits but still not fix.

almost giving up.


Posted 23 March 2005 - 02:30 PM


    Taxi Driver

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I've been driving my Lynx RS since Oct 2003, and till today, had none of
the problems you mentioned.

The only prob that I've faced were Horn malfunction, got replacement after
sending to sc and a mail to Ford Malaysia (mail got it fixed faster).

On the fuel consumption part, it's a big and sporty car, cannot compare
with altis and all lah. You bring altis on the road, my car can make altis
makan asap Wink.

Often I get these Altis, Camry, Waja, etc cars coming to my back in the
highway and poking, I just step on the accelerator, and they will be so far
at the back that they won't be able to chase. I do that just to teach them
a lesson, on never mess with Lynx RS, especially if you're driving a Waja.

Sound, so far I've never had problems with sound system.


Posted 23 March 2005 - 05:39 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Just my experience, not to creat flame here.

I drive City idsi, Some time drove my mom Altis 1.8 also.

On day I drive from Batu Cave to Cheras using MMR2 with my idsi. And
suddently a red rs come to my front very aggresive. To I want to test with
him not to show how fast can I go but how many I'll loss. The rs pickup is
dam fast a bit faster than altis 1.8. My idsi, of cause no fight. because
of traffit flow, I manage the follow him and over take him. My city is a
small car so zip zap better than rs, when stright road, the rs catching me

When we reach a bridge after ampang exit with is a s corner, the rs no
ball to play. After this rs disapear on my rear view mirror.

I have no change to drive rs but that rs is disapoit me because he donot
attack that corner. I'm not saying rs handling is bad but I think the
driving anger is not so responsive because when change line, that rs is
defeneatly out. Driver problem maybe.

BTW, my car is stock even with the cheap goodyear tyre and the rs look
stock outside.

If that day I drove Altis 1.8, I may lose to rs because Altis can't
handling aggresive and pickup lose also.


Posted 23 March 2005 - 09:53 PM



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Think that Lynx rs was just tired of beating everyone down. Caught him off
guard. You are right though, the pickup for the RS should be better than
Altis due to the higher torque. The Altis is a different league
altogether. More for matured family men.
BTW, has any "RS"ers challenged the Satria GTI? Who would win?