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Fto Mivec Problem Help Pls

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 11:43 PM


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Hi guys,

I am a mechanic,basically i repair buses,lorries,and i can easily transplant engines but im not really good in diagnosing mivec problem

My car is FTO,bought 8 months ago, transplanted the engine to DOHC V6 MIVEC 2.0 (DE3A 6A12)...the problem im facing is MIVEC is not kicking in and rpm rev limits at 6.500...Here are the thing i have done to solve the problem but failed...

1) Checked ECU diagnostic...It said knock sensor...I changed the knock sensor with my old engine but mivec still doesnt
2) Checked the temperature sensor...MIVEC wont get activated if the engine is cold, so i change the temp sensor that
connects to the ECU(the gauge u see in the dash meter is different sensor compared to the sensor that ECU reads)...still
no luck
3) Thought that it might be inefficient burning...changed the spark plugs to iridium onces...No luck
4) Tried to reset ECU many times...No luck

The last i am going to try is, im gonna change the alternator...Previously my mivec was working fine, i have a feeling that it started failing after i recently changed my alternator...MIVEC engines has 4 pin from alternator...2 pins is to charge, another 2 pins is to activate mivec through ECU...That is y non mivec DOHC V6 2.0 only has 2 pin alternator...This is my last try...gonna do it in 2 more weeks time...Currently my alternator is 4 pins...Charging well,idle when engine started about 13.8V...According to the forums i searched, the said well charging alternator doesnt mean will send signals to mivec...

Anyone here had any similar problem and any idea of how to solve my MIVEC issue...Will be very glad if any of u guys can help me...

Thanking you in advance.


Posted 25 May 2011 - 08:05 PM



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try to post your problem at zerotohundred.com too...the forumer there can help ya~~~

good luck...


Posted 25 November 2011 - 01:59 PM


    4th Gear

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try to check out the site where there are auto repair mechanic who can help you. last time i did search some advise for the complicated issue for my car, and found from google automd. actually they have the best mechanic who can help you. when i did the repair thing, what i found out is the alternator parts was not that functioning well.