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Help Gearbox!

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Posted 23 July 2010 - 08:53 PM



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Guys...after a long while my Waja 1.8 was in good mood, I think it got pist maybe because of football or something hahaha....

The problem?
1) Gear shift in "D", stop at traffic lights, after about 3 sec the gear will shift to 2nd. Will not go back to 1st.(even after shifting to N, P or any other gears.
2) Dont have the engine braking effect (the effect when you get your foot off the gas to slowdown and the engine will brake like a manual gearbox)
3) When you cruse, it feel like a normal auto car. There is some free play.(foot off the gas, the RPM goes to about 1500RPM)

Normally 2500rpm on 4th gear should be about 90Km/H but I get about 70Km/H now. Any idea?

FC about RM10.00 to about 20KM only

Stuff I did so far,
1) Change ATF ( 3++ liters ) ori renaultmatic D3- the last I change was in Feb this year

PDT mention something about "OC or SC EV fault ground" or somethinglike that. Error code 011 and 1 more I think if I can remember was 038. Cant really remember cause SC just showed me like a glimps only..no chance to write it down
2) Remove batt terminal for 1 hour
3) Remove TCU terminal for 1 hour

Any ideas??...Really need some help