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Citroen Xsara 1.6 (a)

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Posted 17 April 2010 - 09:49 AM


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Hi Guys, anybody interested in buying a Xsara?


Posted 09 November 2016 - 10:49 AM


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Instead of posting a new thread I thought I'd hijack a similar thread here.  :P


Got moi a Xsara 1.6 (a) Yr 2000 recently. Tailgate glass was smashed by flying stones from grass cutting. Same with the driver side window. Replacement cost RM800. Did it at EXD Auto. Problem is the tailgate is from the facelifted Xsara ie; there's no key slot and is opened differently via a touch sensor-like mechanism.  :angry:  Sien lo. Sham said he couldn't do anything as it ran on a separate ECU. I'm like ''What?!?!".. He rigged a wire so I can open the tailgate by pulling it. Thing is.. I have to get to the passenger seating and lower the seats before I can access the wire. Nia seng. And it's a different colour from the body. Kanasai. 


Replacing the driver side window also revealed that the window lift mechanism is broken. So now it's a fixed screen. Have to open the door for toll payment and ticketing.


The infamous twin blinking lights for gearbox problems was present when I got the car. It's an intermittent issue as it comes on and off. When it's on I drive like an old lady, max 80kmph. When its off, I tekan la what else?  ;) Was told it's a multifucntion switch problem. Or maybe it's the Solenoids. Or maybe just an oil change. 


Some knocking noises when I drive. Suspect its the bushes. 


The socket panels at the rear are rusted. Gotta get them replaced. Currently no lights for the rear. Sort like a blown bulb scenario.


Dashboard plastics are brittle and are in pieces. The main glovebox opening lever is shot. Can't open it now but should be an easy fix.


And now for the good stuff.


The car handles well. Nice turn in and easy lane changes. Good power when on the move tho a bit slow during pick up. Enough la for normal use. ^_^


Most impressive is the fc. Average 55 liters @ RM1.80 per liter. I managed to get 650km each time. That's about 8 sen per km. Better than the Myvis and Vivas out there. And this car is heavier too.  B)


Xsara is in the workshop now getting the above things sorted. Will report later with progress and price of repair.  :wacko: