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Hyundai Avante 2.0 (at) - Personal Review

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 05:27 PM


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Hyundai Avante 2.0 (AT) - Personal Review

The Hyundai Elantra has been on the road since 1991 as a compact car.
See Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia....Hyundai_Elantra
(Hyundai Avante name is widely known only in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia)

The fourth generation Elantra was a redesigned Elantra sedan (codename HD) debuted at the New York Auto Show and went on sale late in the fall of 2006. The engine lineup includes 1.6L Gamma (sold in Singapore) and 2.0L Beta II gasoline engines. Only the 2.0L, CVVT, model, is being sold here in Malaysia in automatic mode (AT).

The North America model had better specifications and features compared to the Malaysian version.
There is an Elantra touring wagon version which are not sold here.

For a price comparable to the Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Slyphy (Sentra) and Ford Focus, the Elantra delivers much more space and comfort for passengers. To further sweeten the deal, the Elantra also comes with a slightly lower price, respectable fuel economy, a capacious trunk and a generous warranty.




A reviewer once said, the 2010 Hyundai Elantra is the best car for anyone who wants a Toyota Altis (Corolla) driving experience without paying the Toyota Altis prices.

The Malaysian version comes with a 143HP, 186Nm Torque, 4-Cylinder, DOHC, CVVT (Constantly Variable Valve Timing) with Step-Gate Shift Lever, 4-speed Automatic transmission.

Rear view
More... Photo Gallery...

It took me about quite sometime to manifest this car into my life. My previous Proton Perdana V6 (2001/02) was aging and it's about time I go out there and hunt for a new car.

It starter out with test-drives at showrooms. Just sharing some of them here;
BMW (E90) 325i, 323i, 320i, (E60) 523i (BMW Performances Day - APAC, Subang), Mercedes (W204) C-Class, Elegance & Avangarde, (W211) E-Class E200K, E230, Audi A4, Volvo S40, Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata 2.0L, Honda Accord 2.0 & 2.4L, Toyota Camry 2.0G & 2.4L, Ford Mondeo 2.5L, Nissan Cefiro 2.0G, Nissan Slyphy (Sentra) 2.0L, Nissan Grand Livina 1.8L, Proton Exora, Perodua Alza, Kia Forte 1.6EX, Toyota Altis 1.8L, Hyundai Avante 2.0(A), Lexus LS400 & Honda Civic 2.0S etc.

All the said cars above are from all sorts of category range of status, styling, and income group.
My budget range was between RM80k - RM140k (If you ask me, I would certainly go for a BMW 530i or at least a Honda Accord 2.4L if not for the budget constrain issue).

Since Hyundai was having a promotional sale (not everyone knows about it), I tried to put a loan for a Hyundai Sonata 2.0L which later turn out to be beyond my permissible approval loan budget.

The only way is to downgrade my purchase is by hunting a car within the RM80k - RM110k range later.

Price range within this limit are;
Chevrolet Optra 1.8 DOHC (A) - RM99k, Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia (A) - RM114k, Honda City 1.5L VTEC - RM85k, Honda Civic 1.8S I-VTEC - RM114k, Hyundai Accent RX-S5 - RM76k, Hyundai Avante 2.0(A) CVVT - RM94k, Kia Forte 1.6SX - RM82k, Kia Forte 2.0SX - RM94k, Mazda 3 1.6(A) - RM115k, Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0GT - RM116k, Naza Citra 2.0(A) GLS - RM85k, Nissan Grand Livina 1.8(A) - RM97k, Nissan Latio 1.8(A) - RM100k, Nissan Sylphy (Sentra) 2.0(A) CVTV - RM117k, Toyota Altis 1.8G - RM118k etc.

Korean cars are always overlooked due to cheap price, low resale value, and low quality (in the perception of people who loves brands like Toyota and Honda).
The fact is that, Hyundai has come a long way and acceptable widely in the USA and North America. Since Toyota and Honda had long been branded in our local Malaysian life's, Hyundai should have a better marketing strategy to win the heart of these Malaysian (who sees brand as the uppermost important criteria in buying a car).

The only way to know a car is by driving one. Most of us loves to comments on blogs and forums about the negative issues without even know what they really are talking about (sorry..., a bit of bitter talk here).

I'm sorry to say that, although I already owned and now drives a Hyundai, it doesn't mean that I'm bias to that said brand.
My Avante was delivered to me in an "unhappy" state condition.
First, I just call the dealer to rectify the problem.
When things just doesn't go your way, all I need to do is just send a report to the Top Management (if you really, really want the problem to be solve) if you are unsatisfied with the said service provided or rectifications that needed to be address.
As a customer, it's our choice to complain if the products bought is not to our satisfaction standards.

Continuing with my review...
If you ask me, between Nissan Sylphy (Sentra) 2.0(A), Toyota Altis 1.8L, Hyundai Elantra (Avante) 2.0(A), Kia Forte 2.0SX and Honda Civic 1.8S..., my answer would be... the Honda Civic.
The said Honda Civic 1.8S although has 140HP, 174Nm torque (Avante 2.0(A) 143HP, 186Nm torque, Kia Forte 2.0SX has 156HP, 194Nm torque), but the 5-Speed Auto transmission excels the other models hands down. It also has a more solid and rigid body. Gear shift feels seamless and acceleration just burst around 3,000rpm when the VTEC's takes over.
(I did an assumption here between the Kia Forte 2.0SX base on 4-Speed AT specs, but yet to confirm this on my next 'test-drive' at KIA later).

Since I'm not a boy racer, and can't afford to buy one, the Hyundai Avante is plainly a good choice because of it's year end promotions and 5-year or 300,000km warranty plan. (Kia Forte only gives 2 Years).

For audio lovers, the build in 6 speakers system is above average and soothen the ears, with define clearity music sound. On the other hand, it's a bit of a let down because that there is no USB port available for the local unit.

My car was delivered with 5 units Goodyear's NCT5, 16" tires . On the third day of my new car, I had a punctured tire on one of the tires. It was early morning, all dressed up for work, and had to jack-up, remove punctured tire, and change the said tire. Anyway, it was a great and new experience on a new car. Hyundai supply 5 sports-rims units. Things later turns out well. Actually, it was not a puncture, but a faulty "tube valve" on the said puncture tire. (hopefully, PDI - Pre-delivery Inspection doesn't miss this during their checklist inspection).

On my point of view, this Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tires are a bit noisy at speeds. I use to have a Falken Azenis ST-115, Falken FK-452 and Toyo Proxes ST1 tires on my previous Perdana V6. These said tires are great for high speeds, very quiet and good on wet roads conditions. The only problem is, these said tires do wear-off easily and are quite expensive.

Although the interior space is not as large as my previous Proton Perdana V6, but at least it's a better car in other aspect of driving, comfort, safety and handling.

My comment about the Hyundai Avante (including a few of my colleague) is just the steering feel. In a video reviewed from Kelly's Bluebook (on Youtube), it's said that there is a bit of "dis-connectiveness" between the steering and the wheel during cornering and driving. I agree with that 100%. The steering feels light (good for parking), but if you are a "drivers driver" kind of person, it will be a bit of a let down.

The other feature that being overlooked is the electronic folding side mirror. To some, this is not important, but on my point of view, people who live at Apartments and Condominiums need these kind of features due to tight parking spaces. Folding the mirrors manually is not a problem, but if we can do it electronically, it might just be better.

Sharing the Hyundai Avante 2.0 (AT) online eBrochure;
Click here...

Anyway, I'm happy with my one week old Hyundai Avante, and hopefully Hyundai can improve more in the future models.

I'm going off for a 600km (highway & rural roads) drive by the end of this week to test the limit of this new car.
Hopefully, I can share my comments here again later.

Some of the features NOT available here for Hyundai Avante 2.0(A) X20 local Malaysian version:
- side and side curtain air-bags
- folding rear seats (split 40/60)
- sun roof
- rear mud guards
- cruise control
- average fuel consumption display (km/liter)
- low tire pressure indicator (TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
- vanity mirror lamp
- luggage net (holder) in boot
- glass antenna (who uses those old metal antenna's nowadays?!)
- illuminated ignition switch
- engine cover
- child seat lower anchors (for child restraint system)
- ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
- TCS (Traction Control System)

Drive safely.


Posted 11 March 2010 - 05:36 PM


    Taxi Driver

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well written, looking forward to your up-coming comment.


Posted 12 March 2010 - 01:39 AM



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Thanks for the comprehensive review on your ride. Double thumbs up. smile_thumbup.gif smile_thumbup.gif

The price is indeed irresistable!


Posted 12 March 2010 - 06:08 PM


    Road Warrior

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Very well written. Also the Avante steering not only height adjustable but also reach adjustable as well.

Here is a comparison between Avante n Toyota Altis


Posted 15 March 2010 - 02:52 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Saturday Highway Drive review not yet ready.
Distance covered almost 570km, on highway and rural roads.
Saturday - cloudy and rain (on highway/ rural roads).
Sunday - fine sunny weather.
Cruising speed - 120-130km/h.
Maximum speed tested - 180km/h.
Car mileage: 600km (leaving SC after 1st. service)



Posted 16 March 2010 - 03:03 AM


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It was Saturday morning and I was up early. Nice fine weather.
I was walking on my way to my car and passes a parked Honda Civic.
Warmed up my car's engine and parked beside the Civic and took a few photo snapshots.

At 8:00am, I already reach the Hyundai Service Centre (First visit to do Service).
Fill in particulars at entrance and given a "waiting number 5".
Servicing with oil and filter change (Shell Semi + Filter = RM125). Free labour charge for first 1,000 and 5,000km.
(I previously convert the 60,000km or 2 years FREE maintenance to get more discount during car purchase).
Car being washed and cleaned. Later heads home for a cat-nap.

It was 2 minutes to 3pm before heading out on my highway test-drive journey (alone).
It was a normal saturday traffic, but becomes heavier maybe because the starting of the school holidays.

Upon leaving KL, I drove via Jalan Istana heading towards Toll Jalan Duta to my destination.
I was doing about 100km/h before entering that long curve before the toll, that I push from "D" to "3" and accelerate on the said corners and at the end feels a bit over-steer (almost hit the center divided markers).
I know that I'm driving a Hyundai, but sometimes forgot that it was no BMW (Did test-driven a BMW320i once, accelerate at corners and the tires grips like leech on the tarmac). smile_big.gif
Ground clearance: Honda Civic = 125mm, Hyundai Avante = 146mm, Toyota Altis = 143mm, Mazda 3 (laden) = 116mm, Mitsubishi Lancer = 133mm, Nissan Slyphy = 141mm, etc.
On my point of view, if the Avante can be lowered between 115-130mm range (ground clearance), without sacrificing comfort and ride, it might be more stable on cornerings.

So now, the truth prevail that it drives like an Altis but minus the TSC (Traction Stability Control).
The Avante local Malaysian version haven't got TSC (Traction Stability Control - our Malaysian version doesn't have this kind of feature installed).
I should have dropped the gear to "2", but just doesn't want to strain the engine too much.

It was starting to rain at Sungai Buluh Overhead R&R while I was maintaning about 110km/h on the fast lane. Tires grips feel marginally good.
Before reaching Rawang, I took it to 140km/h and the car feels stable.

The car feels at home at 120-130km/h.
Results from my observations;
2,000RPM = 100km/h
2,500RPM = 120km/h
3,000RPM = 140km/h
3,500RPM = 160km/h
(there was a humming sound (describe as - sounds like a DBKL worker smoking the mosquito insecticide using their backpack spray) at RPM3,000 and above which was not sure whether came from the engine or the tires)

I did 180km/h near Gopeng interchange when a Wira overtook a lorry entering the fast lane and I then jabbed on the brakes to feel the ABS and EBD working nicely (pulsating feel on disk during hard braking means the ABS is working as intended).

Climb uphill before reaching Simpang Pulai Toll exit, and again hit the 180km/h mark.
Took a "teh tarik" break with a friend before continuing my journey to Setiawan (destination).

Bypass Batu Gajah via new 2 lane roads and at traffic lights you can see other road users looking at my car as if they have never seen a Hyundai before.
(a few times before this, a few of my friends upon seeing my car says it looks like a toyota in design).

Acceleration from traffic lights went smoothly without any challenge and before you know it, the others are far behind (when there is no Civic around). smile_big.gif

Ride on undulating roads via Bandar Sri Iskandar was smooth, good and comfortable.
Reach my hometown and took a long rest.
After 3:30hrs. non-stop drive, there was no back aching or any muscles strain, meaning that the car did it's job well.

Interior - bluish lighting display on instruments panel at night

Sunday, 10:00am, was on my way back to KL.
The drive was smooth and enjoyable as before.

FC (fuel consumption), not yet fully calculated, but did 36.34L (RM65.41) for 440km. Estimated about 12.1km/Litre (Full tank fill during car delivery (BHP), and refill full tank again at Petronas, Gopeng).
Approximate FC, 8.26L/100km...

Comparison cars for price range between RM80k - RM120k;
Chevrolet Optra 1.8 DOHC (AT) - RM99k,
Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia (AT) - RM114k,
Honda City 1.5L VTEC (AT) - RM85k,
Honda Civic 1.8S I-VTEC (AT) - RM114k,
Hyundai Accent RX-S5 (1.6L (AT)) - RM76k,
Hyundai Avante 2.0 (AT) CVVT - RM94k,
Kia Forte 1.6SX (AT) - RM82k,
Kia Forte 2.0SX (AT) - RM94k,
Mazda 3 1.6 (AT) - RM115k,
Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0GT ((AT) - RM116k,
Naza Citra 2.0 (AT) GLS - RM85k,
Nissan Grand Livina 1.8 (AT) - RM97k,
Nissan Latio 1.8 (AT) - RM100k,
Nissan Sylphy 2.0 (AT) CVT - RM117k,
Toyota Altis 1.8G (AT)- RM118k
Toyota Vios 1.5G (AT) - RM87k
Perdana V6 2.0L (AT) - RM98k

My conclusions;
1) Comfortable to drive and speed feels at home at 120-130km/h
2) Smooth comfort suspension ride
3) Steering feels firm and sturdy at high speeds
4) Tends to under-steer at fast corners when push too hard (no TSC, ESP etc.)
5) Acceleration was quite good for a 2.0L car
6) Interior space a bit smaller than my previous Perdana V6.
7) Leather seats is soft and comfortable
8) ABS and EBD works as intended
9) Incus body-kit makes the car looks sporty
10) It's not an Altis, but feels and drive like one (minus TSC).
11) Wishing the AT was 5 speed, but the present 4 speed was quite smooth up-shift and downshifting.
12) Driving long distances with 5 adults will be quite uncomfortable for the back seat passengers compared to my previous Perdana V6.
13) Boot trunk space is larger than my previous Perdana V6.

If you change cars every 2-3 years, this car is not meant for you, due to low resale value.
If you want a comfort drive car, great fuel economy, great warranty and at a comparable 2.0L price tag, the Hyundai Avante is definitely is your choice.
Test-drive one, before making any decision.
The choice is always yours, and no one else should do it for you.


Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:48 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Very good write.

Review after few month later.Will include as follow:

Got a summon from PDRM for speeding. smile_big.gif

Be Wise To Survive


Posted 16 March 2010 - 10:04 AM


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QUOTE (rickyoac @ Mar 16 2010, 09:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Very good write.

Review after few month later.Will include as follow:

Got a summon from PDRM for speeding. smile_big.gif


Just check with MYEG a minute ago (PDRM Traffic summon online).
Lucky me, no summon on their database for the time being.
High speeding for testing the car to the limit only.
I normally drives at a comfortable speed of 110-120km/h.
(Once driven a Merc W210 E240 Avangarde from Ipoh to KL via PLUS Highway at night and speeds at 160km/h and it feels like nothing).


Posted 20 March 2010 - 11:14 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Update FC (Fuel consumption)...
Highway drive (estimated 180km = 120-130km/h) + urban driving...
39.89 Litres, RM71.80, 422.6km (Primax 95)...
According to U.S. News Automotive review, the Elantra 2010 FC (fuel consumption) ratings is as follows;
Urban 10.4km/L, Highway 13.6km/L
Click here...


Posted 21 March 2010 - 12:56 AM


    White Lightning

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Nice blog on your new car! With regards to your fast corner oversteer problem, perhaps it can be improved with better gripping tyres. NCT5's do not offer the best grip even in the dry. So maybe you could look at the Hankook Evo V12 tyres to improve your car's handling a little.