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Secrets Of President Inspection Car In China's 60th National Ceremony

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Posted 02 October 2009 - 11:01 PM


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Source: www.gochinaauto.com

About ten o’clock Oct.1, hundreds of workers were cheering towards TV in a workshop of FAW in Changchun city, Jinlin Province. They are celebrating a product for a special customer. The customer was inspecting the army arrays in the national ceremony in Beijing, he is President Hu Jintao.
“We made this car for the President”, a quality control engineer said excitingly.

In Oct. 26, 2007 the project team was set up for building the car for President inspecting in 60th National Ceremony. This was the fourth time the automaker was assigned such a task since the People’s Republic of China. Actually right after the 50th National Ceremony, FAW started to prepare this car.
Mr. Jiang Hongjun, an engineer from the team told reporter that besides the leader team and external assistance team, there are 99 staff in this team which was divided into R&D section, Procurement section, Production section and Management section. The production plan for the car was figured out in May.39 2008 and started to build after words.
From Aug. to Oct. FAW built 3 sample cars based on the production plan for testing. Right after this, FAW made two more sample and delivered to central government for plan approval. Mr. Jiang told reporter that the original plan was a HQE concept and the finalized one was the car you can see on TV.
In Aug. 26 2009 FAW made 17 units inspection cars for the ceremony and delivered 6 units. Three of them were used as media purpose and one is for President Hu. Besides these units there is one for backup and one for the General besides President Hu.
Code for the inspecting car is CA7600J (for more details in www.gochinaauto.com). Length 6400mm, height 1720mm, and width 2080mm. A V12 6.0L engine was equipped for the car and grow weight is 4.5t.
One highlight for the car is the AWD tech implemented. Frame of the car is 5800mm long and all made by high strength steel. “This is the biggest Frame for passenger car” Mr. Jiang said “and this represents the high level of China’s iron and steel manufacture”
New information shows that based on the platform of this inspection car FAW is going to develop a high-end model under Hongqi brand and positioned besides Rolls-Royce and Bentley. This car is going to debut in Beijing Auto Show next year.