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Check List For New 206 Owners When Sign Off New Car From Sa., Bestari 206

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Posted 24 August 2009 - 10:43 AM


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Credits go to Ravenroy for the list, for more info, please refer to the original thread:

Check list for new 206 owners when sign off new car from SA.

Document details: with the car, such as the:
Chassis number,
Engine number,
Gearbox number (this one a bit hard to find).

Then check the accessories and functions of the car such as:
Audio player,
Tires (check out the make/model as well),
Dashboard buttons, side mirror controls,
Glove compartment.
Door panels by opening and closing,
Does it make any weird noise or does the door slam with a 'thud!' or a 'twang!’
Door lock / unlock button.
Remote control function.

Check the paintjob,
Check for any dents, scratches,
Spare tires,
Side mirrors, fog lamp (if any).

Next, turn on the engine then open the hood.
Check water levels,
Check the radiator,
Check the temperature level,
Check the radiator fan.

Then turn off the engine and test the central locking/alarm system.

Fuel level.
Odometer to see how far your car has been driven.
If its more than 100km, might want to ask your salesman why,
Cos sometimes they use runners to pick up your car from the depo.

On Bestari it states the recommended tires pressure to be 2.4bar (35 PSI).
Recommended around 29 - 31 PSI.

Check the power steering fluid too.

These compile from 206 forum feed backs from experience owners.