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Sound Proof Of Waja.

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 07:21 AM


    Road Warrior

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dont think the trunklid will help to lessen the noise right ?

btw, the grey armrest in the website looks interesting. but rm320 ? anywhere else selling cheaper ar..? siapa siapa ada lubang ? smile_tongue.gif smile_tongue.gif but don't think of other kind "lubang" ok... haha


Posted 07 December 2009 - 10:27 PM



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Well... i did install it as well... as for me.. it doesnt help at all.. but it look more tidy..

Leather seat complete set just selling at RM1300 ???? doubt abt it... could be semi or even quarter leather and not fully leather...

QUOTE (wheeLSpin @ Dec 6 2009, 07:21 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
dont think the trunklid will help to lessen the noise right ?

btw, the grey armrest in the website looks interesting. but rm320 ? anywhere else selling cheaper ar..? siapa siapa ada lubang ? smile_tongue.gif smile_tongue.gif but don't think of other kind "lubang" ok... haha


Posted 23 December 2009 - 02:48 PM


    6th Gear

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If u have a big sub woofer at the back....the Trunklid Cover do a lot of help..no more rattling noise...

The armrest..u can get cheaper from somebody who sell it through mudah.com

The leather seat is not 100% leather...its semi leather.....but enough la for car price RM60k...


Posted 28 February 2011 - 02:37 PM



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Hi Guys,
I found this but dont know whether is worth or not. Those staying in JB area have anyone comes around with application.
They have done for Proton Waja also.
Please advise.

SILENT Sound Proof (US Tech) & Jap Alarms

Starting from $40 onwards!

www.silent.com.sg for detail info or just reply to this post

We only use R & D Sound Damping Material like most leading brand in local big store. Always choose your materials wisely. Not recommended to use DIY materials for your precious car! DIY materials are materials like tapes, sponge, foam, cotton, bitumen and etc that are mostly for heat insulation and secondary purpose.

SILENT V-1 Sound Damping Material is specifically engineered with sound and vibration properties to reduce noise from road, exhaust, rain, wind, vibrations and improve car audio system with our insulation materials.

When installed, V-1 material will absorb the vibrations and reduce interior cabin temperature. Coupled with two sound insulation function, DAMPENING & CONCEALING. The noise from outside your car will be blocked from entering the car with the dampening function and music from within your car will at the same time be concealed within your car with the concealing function. it is engineered to around 4.25mm thickness which is optimized for road use . and we have a silent power which is 4x time thicker for competition usage. silent ultra which is the half closed acoustic foam

A noisy vehicle will not only fatigue the driver but also cause distractions on the road. Sound insulating a car can make any car feel like a million dollars!

To check out comments of our products from our forum customers, just drop us a email at silent@singnet.com.sg , we will send you the links to look at their comments.

We also have the following

car security system for sale. Acts like the BOOMERANG. Includes the below features:
1) Auto Engine Start
2) Turbo Timer
3) Alarm Security and Central Lock System and many more
Selling at $180 nett. Brand New. Made in Japan.

Keyless entry. Details as follows:
1) No need to press alarm
2) Door auto unlock when you walk near and lock when you leave
3) Alarm have sensor it will detect the alarm in your pocket
Very cool product at only $120 nett. New, made in Japan.


Silent Pro – Shop
Address: 15 Commonwealth Lane, Lot 45 / 46 Commonwealth Car Mall S159554
Office: 31 Toh Guan Road East LW Technocentre #07-08 Singapore 608608
Website: www.silent.com.sg
Email: silent@singnet.com.sg
Tel: 6779 6383


Posted 21 March 2011 - 11:00 PM


    Taxi Driver

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I've done it on with spare Insuflex material which our office use to reduce sound from a 300 bar piston compressor. Found out that its made in Bangi and actually more of an aircond insulator but does have some sound noise reduction characteristics. Since its lying there for free, I just took it and cut it up in bits a pieces to fill in the areas inside my two front door.

Its kinda ok. Before this I've checked specs on material Dynamat but they are good for temperatures below 23deg C or thereabouts. Its because of the butyl material. This Insuflex is like foam.

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Hell's Engine Class of Arau 88


Posted 19 April 2011 - 11:37 AM


    Fast & Furious

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QUOTE (kelvinng @ Jul 1 2009, 08:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
All sifu-sifu and mahaguru,

Just wondering anybody did the sound proof for their waja...

wondering which are the priority area need to install... such as carpet,boot,engine, mudguard..etc..

My aim in mind is to minimise the wind sound..

Audio effect? Hmmm.. is guess after install the sound proof.. it will improve the audio too smile_approve.gif

Thanks in advance smile_thumbup.gif

rule number 1; remove that door visor of yours....that ll remove the window noise instantly.biggrin.gif


Posted 18 January 2022 - 11:59 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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don't do it. change another car. it just shiok sendiri