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Who Still Got Wira 1.8?

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 09:49 PM


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QUOTE (hazli70 @ Jun 17 2010, 05:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Dear Gentlemen,

I have a 1997 wira 1.8 exi SOCH (UK specs). Bought in 2001.
- worst experienced timing belt putus on PLUS hway while doing at 100mph(160kmh) right after overtook another wira after adegan kejar mengejar...end-up got to do top overhaul, all valve gone..
- end 2005, change head to DOHC..but not much different infact the original one was better
- end 2007, repaint same colour (dark green) due to the roof got cancer. Less than a year, cancer came back sad.gif & at the same time also change speed gear/ gearbox
and now, due to the financial limitation, she retire for a while..stay at home, only my wife drive to the nearby shop...due to many complications she has i.e.:
- air-flow sensor
- throttle body
- mounting
- engine oil leaking
- over heating (despite radiator already svs by w/shop, at last DIY then better now)
- 2 tyres need to change (bengkak already)

But overall, this machine had satisfied me during her glory days..the pick-up at the traffic lights or when over taking, climbing hills no issues! pedal to metal easily 180kmh..(but cannot go more than that perhaps speed cut by manufacturer)

Appreciate if you all gentlemen could give me some comments/advice or recommend me the good w/shop with a better price...Thank you

a friend of mine has the 1996 aeroback 1.8exi sohc too. sweet car to drive, damn good accleration and torque but with the price of a heavy fuel consumption...wira 1.5 auto is a total crap if compared to the 1.8. the problems my friend faced with his wira is exactly like yours in addition to a slipping autobox.. so with limited budget and all the complications, the car is only used for very short drive these days.