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Things To Change On T5

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Posted 07 October 2004 - 06:53 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Thanks Whitenite,

There's an advert on top of this forum which is the BARUM tyres, Some
free gifts to go along with 4 tyres. However the radio advert coupled
with the BARUM song is real silly. Womder how's the performance like.
Anyway, I'm eyeing those V-Threaded tyres like Goodyear F1. My friends
said that a cheaper version should be the SILVERSTONE but I can't find in
the the top 20 tyre comparisson chart i the web. The KUMHO Ecsta is there
in the list. So I have until next week to decide. Hope more input can be
gathered soon.

The Anti-Roll bar is the standard OEM part. I've asked for
aftermarket/performance unit or those with replaceable bushing but not
here in the market. Some which can have the bushings replace don't last
as long too and sometimes the bar itself is worn after changing the
bushes for one or two times.


Posted 07 October 2004 - 10:52 PM


    Road Warrior

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RM700-00 for the ARB seems a little expensive. Do check elsewhere to see
if you can get better pricing. The ones with the replaceable bushings are
a pain as the bushes wear out quite fast & you'l get weird noises coming
from the front. In fact these are the older design which were replaced
with the ones where the bushes can't be changed.


Posted 07 October 2004 - 11:18 PM



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Try FIRENZA tyres. My 215/45/17 only cost me RM320/= /pc. Similar size
Falken ST115 & Yoko ES100 is going for RM360-RM380/=.

Your 205/50/16 should be cheaper.

Tyre feedback : Quiet, comfortable, reasonably good grip in the dry. Not
bad in the wet.


Posted 08 October 2004 - 06:28 AM



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Congradulation on your success hunt on a T5. After looking at your list,
i think my (new) used 850gle one has lesser items to be repaired.

So far, i have change: -

a) Brake pad
b) Titan Front absorber

potential $$ spending area: -

a) Root and Windscreen lining (cost around 800)
b) Boot absorber (around 100)
c) Major service with Timing belt change.
d) Add in ATF cooler
e) ABS ?? ( ABS light come out 2-3 times during the first month but it
goes off after i restart the engine. I test it in the car park, it works
ok. Hopefully i do not have to spend $$ here)

So far i have clock almost 2k in a month. I would say i am quite
enjoyable with the car and the power it have. However i am a bit
franstrated by the rattle in the dashboard especially the "kit--kit"
sound from the speedometer and the dashbard when run through some small
hole on the road.

I am sure you will enjoy the car as i have been so far. My wife has
voiced out her unhappyness of me spend to much time with the car than
with her.


Posted 08 October 2004 - 07:36 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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The quote on the ARB was just a wild guess from the mechanic. He was
asking whether I want to change or not. The wear is slight but I guess by
changing it now (when I still have the 940 to drive) it won't bother me
for the next few years and I can have my time spent on other things. He's
getting the parts from KL, so I'll confirm the final pricing with you guys

Thanks for your suggestion. BTW do these tyres have the V-shaped threads?
They look nice when your car steering is slighty turned when the car is
parked. Also these are exceptionally good in the wet. I also heard that
the T5's front tyre has a high wear rate and the back near seems to go
down. How long (interval) do you switch the tyres (front ot back)?
10,000km ?

I'm real fussy when it comes to cars, and I expect it to perform as it
should. So unless the items are really not bothering me much, I'll have it
changed. I guess the amount spent for the T5 would benefit me in the long
run as I consider this a major service and the mechanic is good enough to
evaluate which parts are not vital to safety and performance that can be
used still. I'm glad that he is personally working on the car unlike some
bosses who let their worker or apprentice do the job. I think that what
happened to the previous owner. The work done on this car previously was
definitely handled by a low level mechanic even if it's done in a renowned

Oh btw, did I mentioned that my shocks are still good ? The evaluation was
done using a tester and the results were printed for reference. However
the front of the car feels soft when I press the fender down several times
consecutively. Is this normal for the T5. So far during the test drive,
there's no bottoming though. One last advise, always under-quote the
repair cost to your missus. It'll give you some good night rest. :D


Posted 08 October 2004 - 10:22 AM


    Road Warrior

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u changing ARB or bush only? What’s wrong with yr orig ARB?
If you’re looking for STOCK, at RM700 I can let you have BOTH Fr & Rr
pair! Still have them somewhere in my storeroom. I replaced with IPD
swaybars (yank-speak fro ARBs) within coupla mths of T5 ownership.
Hmm, where’s RD2D, mebbe he’s since he’s converting to T5 (not in office
today, must be camping out beside his precious brick!)
On performance bush, like cap48 says, these (polyurethane) bushes have a
high likelihood of developing squeaks after some time. They usually come
with special grease to apply when mounting but thru use the grease dries
up, and squeaks develop. Not that my IPD swaybars suffered from this as,
the grease usually last coupla years (sold the car after 2 years, no
squeaks yet). A friend’s Golf GTi with Neuspeed bars & PU bushes (also
imported from US) developed squeaks only after some 3 years.
Aah, gfc, u had yr brick Titan-ed? Met a T5 owner with Fr coilovers & Rr
absorbers when I was there. If only Titan was around when I had my T5.
90% of my parts were brought in either from Spore, US, Germany or Sweden.

If any of you concerned about getting cleaner transmission oil, I still
have a remote tranny filter kit bought from US, unused (didn’t get to fit
it on my ride before I sold it). Comprises of bracket, hoses & clamps,
and 1 filter (replaceable with engine normal oil filter). Paid RM250
plus, sell for ½ price! Anyone?


Posted 08 October 2004 - 02:35 PM


    Taxi Driver

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The Volvo emblem cap on the rims not so good, want to change ....

Wah....glock...this is serious business man........

anyway congrats! how much you got the car for?

reading this post frightens me...Now i need to go home and seriously look at my car
and see if got anything i must change...:)


Posted 08 October 2004 - 03:50 PM



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u want to go home and seriously look at u r car n c if got anything u
must change.............

dont la, u rs so good already, dont change anything.........hehe

fly with the Black box...........................................

c ya,

How come kenari1 is so quiet lately, BZ a friend?


Posted 08 October 2004 - 05:27 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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A bit late already. The part has been ordered and when I went there this
afternoon, the old part already out of the car. A little later, a new one
arrived, shy-lah to ask them to put back the old one. Anyway, I thought
the back has no ARB ?

That why I said earlier that now only can afford to drive a T5, meaning
now only can afford to pay for the spare parts lah Big Smile. Buying 2nd hand
performance car sure must be prepared or else keep in the house only also
no fun.

Ya lah, Kenari1 keeping very low profile. Maybe got secret weapon


Posted 10 October 2004 - 08:47 PM


    Road Warrior

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glock19, gotten your car back from the workshop yet? Judging from the long
list, must have burnt a big hole in your pocket. The consolation is that
you'll have a "new" car for the next coupla years at least. Happy motoring!