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Camry 2.0/2.4 Discussion

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Posted 22 May 2007 - 01:09 AM


    Taxi Driver

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I am using a camry 2.4v yr 2004 now, thinking of changing a 2007 camry
2.0 or 2.4 not sure yet.

If look at the engine performance , there is not much upgrading if
compare with the previous model except there is an extreme diff for the

So far any complaint? Appreciate if you can share the feeling!

Lee fr Jb


Posted 22 May 2007 - 12:19 PM



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Hi Lee from JB

Should u change your 2004 Camry 2.4V to either 2.0 or 2.4? I would say
yes if u can absorb the financial implications. I’ve got a good price for
my 05 Accord 2.0, so the money was never an issue in my case.

I can only speak for the 2.0G. I will list out the pros and cons and u
can decide whether u should change

Pros (2.0G):
1) looks good (especially love the butt and Lexus like grille -
Can`t afford Lexus - so this will do). My clients have been giving the
thumbs up for its look (can get more business!!)
2) REAR AIR CON (Accord dont have - Now my kids dont have to
fight to seat in the centre console!)( but for u your 2.4 already got)
3) got electronic gadgets in the console (eg welcome text "Welcome
to Camry" "passenger left rear door open" "Cruising Range 234km (ie how
many km you can go on present fuel), "Outside Temperature" (important in
case it snows out there! Lovely!

4) damn excellent ride, very comfortable, less bumpy, seat not so
hard as compared to Accord ( don’t know whether your 2.4 is better but
for me from Accord, my Camry much better)
5) very quiet as compared to my Accord. I was told the previous
Camry has better NVH.
6) got front sensor ( wifey no longer can bang the front grille of
7) got electric seat (driver can control front passenger seat – got
button by the driver side – cool! and easier to romance with wifey Wink )
(my Accord don’t have)(I think ur 2.4 got)
8) got HID (fluorescent light in front – can really see clearly)
8) Got MP3 (I just discovered that MP3 CD can store 150+ songs,
Audio CD can store 20 songs at most – don’t really need a CD changer)
9) Got plasma control for aircon and ionizer (feel as if near
10) got audio, air con control on steering (can override my kids (and
wifey)decision for volume, songs and FM)

Con (2.0G)

1) Engine performance Disapprove . Pick up sucks ( 4 speed ma..)(Accord
much much better – 5 speed) ( don’t know about ur 2.4)

2) Handling (ie cornering, grip on road etc) (cannot beat Accord for its
superb handling – if handling is an issue for u – then Camry is out)
(how’s ur 2.4 handling?)

3) FC quite high (6-7km/l for city. 9 km/l for highway) (Accord
better FC so better on my petrol RM)( don’t know about ur 2.4)
4) expensive service, 1st service nearly RM100 (my Accord was 2 year
free maintainence)
7) 16” tyre – looks small and out of proportion. I’ve changed mine
to 17”.
8) wing mirror switch – no light – so cannot see at night to adjust
wing mirror
9) got front sensor ( irritating when waiting at traffic light, got
motorcycle in front, the sensor would go screaming - too much hassle to
switch it off)


2.4 has new engine (5 speed). Tyre 17". If u can absorb the financial
implications, then by all means go for the 2.4. If like me, i can only
absorb the 2.0G.

Dont go for 2.0E - not worth it.

Jedi from Selangor


Posted 22 May 2007 - 03:17 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Thanks for valued feedback!

My camry handling out, sorry mine is 2002 camry 2.4v 1st batch model.

I did some modification on suspension with change the better quality coil
spring rm1300 and original japan imported hard absorber, it feel better
now but still not 100% satisfy.

I think Acc handling may be the best. Acc comes with auto cut off power
stering when running in high speed right? I very much prefer this feature
install in camry but it is not!


Posted 22 May 2007 - 04:26 PM


    Fast & Furious

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If you want to change, the 2.0 is definitely not an option since you are
already driving a 2.4.



Posted 23 May 2007 - 10:39 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Jedi, how much did you trade-in or sell your '05 Accord 2.0 for ?


Posted 23 May 2007 - 11:29 AM



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Posted 23 May 2007 - 11:51 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Jedi / Ikonn,

Changing from the Accord to the Camry IS upgrading. The camry provides
better all round comfort, reliability, quality and value. I don't have any
problems with the handling. It drives so very smoothly & effortlessly right
up to 160km/h & more. For me, it is my own car & I am not in racing or
rally & I don't do wheel spins and not into drifting. I expect comfort,
spaciouness, quietness (NVH), low maintenance, good FC, value etc etc. The
acoord doesn't come close in all areas. The accord also does not exude that
kind of image/prestige anymore unlike the Camry. The accords of yesteryears
had that image but has since lost the `prestige' factor. The camry has been
the best selling car in US and many other countries for a good many years
consecutively since the 90's. Every new model is better than the one it

the camry’s steering `weight’ is just right. Hate those overly assisted
steerings. The Nissans & the Toyotas gives you the feel of the roads. The
Hondas are way too light for my liking. Agree with sengthee, if you are
already driving the 2.4, you should not go for the 2.0. Your expectations
are already set in. Don’t forget the 2.4 comes with VSC.

the camry’s have been dishing such luxuries eg electric seats, rear air con
vents, multi info display, etc for at least 1 -2 models prior to this. The
previous model is very very quiet and you can hardly feel the engine
running. Engine noise is virtually nonexistent/non intrusive even at higher
rpm. Never tested current model, so cannot comment. FC for 2.4 is
consistently no less than 10km/l with mixed driving. Tried on highways up
to speeds of 120km/h, the FC is approx 15km/l. Look thru other forumers (I
think “Andre”) & he also confirms easily getting such FC. Maybe the 2.0
will return heavier FC because of the weight. This body is meant for 3.0l.
In Australia, the Aurion comes with a 3.5l engine. The 2.4 current model
with 5 speed auto should provide marginally better FC. I believe & would
expect the FC & performance to improve when the engine loosens up a bit, at
least after 1 – 2 services, eg after 10k km etc.

In my opinion and from observation, a camry owner will almost always
upgrade to another camry. It is quite easy for a non camry owner to move
up to a Camry but very very much harder for a camry owner to move down, eg
to the likes of Accord. After a camry, your next move to a non camry would
be BMW, Merc, Audi, etc or maybe a Lexus.


Posted 23 May 2007 - 01:21 PM



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I beg to differ on a number of points that you have raised:

1) IMHO Accord and Camry are of the same class – Class here refers to the
price range – both cars are within similar price range (albeit Camry is
slightly dearer). Inevitably, a person who buys Accord can easily afford
a Camry – it’s a question of his preferences that decides. Further, when
people talk about Camry, they will inevitably compare with Accord.
Accordingly, for me changing to Camry is not upgrading. Both cars have
different strengths and weaknesses and they have specified market
segments and they may be different in outlooks and objectives. But they
are of the same class. Upgrading, therefore, in not an issue here.

2)Based on the foregoing, I therefore disagree that moving back to Accord
is downgrading as they are within the same class. In fact if the new 8th
gen Accord fits my preferences, I will definitely move back to Accord -
and that would not be downgrading as I can easily afford a Camry as I can
afford an Accord.

3) I agree that it is upgrading if I move to a higher price bracket eg
Merz, BMW. However, as there is no financial tax incentive for cars above
RM150K, i doubt very much I would upgrade.

4) Handling is relative. If you have driven Accord, then you would
clearly notice the difference in handling. I can speak because I have
actually driven the Accord for 2 years and I can now compare with the
current gen Camry. There IS a difference in handling. Even my wifey who
has little knowledge on cars felt the difference. I have never driven the
previous gen Camry so I cannot comment.

5) Likewise on ride and comfort. I was told by Camry owners who bought
the new gen Camry that the new gen is somewhat lacking in quality – eg
the NVH is higher and the ride is bumpy. But for me coming from Accord –
I am satisfied with the ride and NVH even though it might not be as good
(according to them) as previous gen.

BTW, I sold my 05 Accord 2.0 to an employee of my client who had been
driving Camry all his life. If you ask him I don’t think he will say that
he has downgraded. So it would not be true (at least in his case) to say
that a Camry owner will always go for Camry.

Nowadays, I dont think there is this clear demarcation that if you buy a
Camry, you will always buy a Camry and if u buy Accord u will always buy
Accord. Just like people who buy Merz no longer confine their purchases
to Merz - they will easily change to BMW if it fits their preferences.
People are more consumer oriented and are more aware of their rights. We
as consumers should pressure the manufacturers to satisfy our preferences
and we should not, i think subscribe to blind loyalty. Perception of
loyalty is more illusary than real.


Posted 23 May 2007 - 02:02 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Jedi, you are totally right, excellent review you have got there.


Posted 18 June 2007 - 10:08 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Hello guys

OK i need more info on Camry model year 2002-2005

Can anyone tell me

1.What is this MID ( multi info display )?
2.How many engine oil is needed for the 2.0E spec? 4 litres? 6 litres?
semi or fully synthetic?
3.The 2.0E, are they using timing belt or timing chain?
4.What`s the PCD for the 2.0 spec?

Thanks guys for the valuable input