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why used virago 535 is so cheap

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Posted 07 June 2003 - 12:10 PM



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1st of all, this is my maiden posting.

I find a lot classifieds offering the bikes below 10k. (yr 96/97/98/99)
Average price now is about 7.5k. I know it uses shaft but is it really
low maintenance? Is it a good bike to start with? I'm currently using
Jaguh and thinking of upgrading. Prefer cruisers but sports bike
looks delicious too. Don't mind 2nd hand. Budget below 20k. (with
loan pls) For daily commute to work. No hurry anyway.

Thanks for replying guys...


Posted 07 June 2003 - 12:43 PM


    White Lightning

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Welcome aboard!

Why not go to a good driving school and take a Full B license training
course? Almost every driving school uses a XV535, so you can test it

In my opinion, it's a good bike but the aircooled twin can get quite hot
between your legs! But no need to worry about coolant, leaky radiator,
hoses and water pump. The shaft drive only needs a fluid change once a
year or something. That's all.

This bike has a funny fuel tank arrangement - one is at the top where fuel
tanks normally are, and there's another one under the seat. The initial
batches were CBU, but later ones were locally assembled by Hong Leong I


Posted 07 June 2003 - 03:23 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Haha... gotta agree with ZZRpilot, I trained and took my B full license
using a Virago 535, and boy it sure is hot between my leg after few
minutes of practising,especially when it about noon.But this is all due to
a very very low speed(how fast can you go inside the test track? 20kmh is
too fast already,especially for newbies), but for normal riding sure OK
one. In my opinion, I think its an OK bike, so far heard no problem of it,
and there's a no. of people using it as a commuter bike at my workplace
here in MAS. As you said ZZRpilot, the initial batch were probably CBU
from USA, but the latter is locally assembled, but I think there's not
much difference as I think the quality of the local assembled is
good.Probably they brought in the QC from the US assembly plant.

If you're looking for a used 535, it's a buyer market currently as the
design of it is "old design", if you know what I mean,therefore I think
the reason of the low price. Maintenance wise, whats there to change? only
ur lube oil, shaft oil(every 3-5 yrs of so, depending on mileage) and
thats all. It's a low maintenance bike, as its air cooled.(BMWs are air
cooled too!). If you're shopping, look for the shiniest best looking low
miler one.

Also see: Kawasaki Vulcan 500(CBU model- belt driven,old styling),
Kawasaki Vulcan 750. These all are excellent buys below RM15K.


Posted 07 June 2003 - 09:12 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Dear Basdo,
If you really want to buy Virago, try to find a bike that in original condition preferably that has no modification of the exzos system cause I had found out there are a lot of cheap Virago due to problem with the pistons as the owner had made some modification like wants to have the sound of Harley.


Posted 08 June 2003 - 02:07 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Personally I don't think the HD sound is a big deal. I heard they were
trying to get it patented/copyrighted as well.

Every corporate type older dude wants to buy into the 'bad boy' image


Posted 08 June 2003 - 10:02 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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yap, the HD boys really tried the patent the sound, but the US Patent
Office rejected it. As far as cruiser is concerned, the true sound comes
only from Harley Davidson. Japanese imitation wont do, as the timing of
the engine/sound is really different. Ever heard a Harley rumbles at high
speed? Its ecstasy dude.....


Posted 09 June 2003 - 03:13 PM



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Hi all,

my father just sold off my Virago 400 (cbu model) to a bike shop a month
ago. I have been riding the bike since 1996 and covered about 50,000KM.
At that time, my father paid about Rm30,000 for it. Do you know how much
the shop paid to take back the bike??

only RM4800!!!! The bike is still in a tip top condition....the chrome
parts are still shiny and new. I have took care of this bike like taking
care of a baby. well, my father was a bit desperate to sell off the
bike. so sad.

I must say that the only common problem among Virago's is the caburator
diagphram. However, i had mine "customly" fixed without having to
replaced it.

It's a good bike though, no major problem at all...and the driveshaft is
durable as long as you change the shaft fluid periodically. Of coz, you
can't compare the maintenance price with a kapchai, right?


Posted 09 June 2003 - 05:11 PM


    Fast & Furious

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ya...my friend wanna sell his virago400 also. but a bit pricy RM6500. I am
sure the virago is a very smooth bike. If the owner take good care of it.
I owned a virago250 b4. no prob at all. But just under power...max speed
is 140km/h. used for daily ride to work...

I heard the virago 535 hv alternator prob. it will caused the wiring prob
and battery prob. A brand new alternator cost about RM1200. which is not
including the labour charge and re-wiring.


Posted 09 June 2003 - 06:01 PM



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Alternator...... Would that probably be the main problem? Thus the
price..? Anyhow are there any good recommends on sports/naked bike other
than cruisers in the same price range? FYI I`m 167cm tall, 64kg, and as I
said earlier budget not more than 20k. Thanx.


Posted 25 June 2003 - 09:09 AM



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Currently i'm looking for a bike and if your friend would like to sell
RM5000, please contact me 012-2896373. i will pay cash.