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List Down Bad Workshop

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Posted 10 January 2007 - 08:33 AM



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I hope autoworld can help more by bringing new list of bad workshop in this
forum. This is to help car owner from being con or cheated with kind of
thing. The wrong spare parts or expensive spare parts to start with for

This thing can help lot of people not to go to the bad workshop and save
them from being con or being cheated with cheap spare parts but charge more
than that.

To make this clear and clean, the reporter must show the item that they
have been cheated and tell a bit more about the problem they've occured.

Hope this can help more car owner and with words of mouth can spread more
to outside car owner.


Posted 10 January 2007 - 01:41 PM


    White Lightning

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It is dangerous to do such thing. AW can be subjected to libel suits by
the 'bad workshop' owners if the 'allegations' are found untrue.


Posted 10 January 2007 - 04:37 PM



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That's why i said: " To make this clear and clean, the reporter must show
the item that they have been cheated and tell a bit more about the problem
they've occured. "

Show some images of the parts of things that has been con or cheat.

Nowadays got many workshop, even authorised service also con people by
charging high price of parts.


Posted 09 November 2013 - 04:43 PM


    2nd Gear

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Sykt Wing Sin Soon (Jln KAPAR, Klang) which is listed in autoworld is one of the worst experiences i have ever had. 6 months ago my Volvo met with an accident. My car was towed to this workshop. They told me that there is no problem it can be fixed in 2 months.
i even asked them if they can fix my type of car, they said no problem. After 2 months just before Raya i called them and they its ready and asked me to chase the insurance company to release payment, which i did. 1 day before the Raya holidays i went to collect the car and it couldnt start,

They did not know why, i explained to them that when a Volvo SRS deploys all seat belts must be replaced. This has to be done so that they can reset the car ECU. They ignored me!!! they kept the car for a further 1 month. The week after raya they called again and said that the car is ready, i did not trust them so i took it to federal auto for a full check. Before i reached the traffic lights the car engine died because they did not change the center seat belt. another further 2 weeks they blamed it on the battery. I changed the battery to shut them up for RM800 at federal auto. When finally i managed to take it to federal auto.

-dashboard equipment not calibrated
-Gearbox shifter malfunction (they did not want to fix excuse nothing to do with accident)
- the noise coming from the steering (was not fixed they claimed it was wear in tear)
-climate control i radical behavior
-head light leaking (brand new imitation installed)
-odb connector bracket broken
-aircon drain pipe not connected (1 inch height water under the carpet)

they also dirtied my bran new Napa leather seats by storing spare parts in side the car

They did not want to do all that is because the overpriced they parts to the insurance company and realized that all these
were not functioning. the total claim was 33k+. 5months duration and not settled

Today i went back because of the headlight was leaking and they claimed for my bonnet insulation RM500 not installed (excuse they cannot find the special clips but in the claim they charge for the clips)

Climate control cannot do must send to Volvo for diagnostics. when i asked them can do this car!!!! NO PROBLEM ALL CARS CAN DO

Many people have had problems with workshop , my question is to the insurance companies that make workshop like these Panel workshops don't they have standards.(PASAR MALAM WORKSHOP)

Their claims for second hand parts are very High. They hammered their claims to the maximum almost right off value and noticed the gear box was giving problem. They tried to push the gear box charge to me because they claimed the max and cannot claim any more. After talking the insurance hq they forced the workshop to absorb cost.

Very hard to contact over the phone especially when you are claiming from them.

What ever said here this company is a no go for modern cars . No expertise no professional work ethic.

Sorry my photos are to large to upload. will upload soon


Posted 09 November 2013 - 04:58 PM


    2nd Gear

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I can source the parts cheaper so I am not scared to go to court. They could of bought a half cut for 20K and swapped the parts would of been faster. BY the way if found out that FEDERAL AUTO also do second hand parts as well, so no betterment charge. Recently introduced... Good news for Volvo owners


Posted 10 November 2013 - 02:20 PM


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Should have sent back to your Car Brand SC for repair. They are more expensive but since under insurance claim doesn't matter to you. My friend Honda was quite badly damaged and was sent back to Honda SC for repair and he is very happy with the results. Initially he tried to claim total lost as he was not sure the repairs will be good or not....