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the horse [power

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Posted 23 February 2008 - 10:56 PM



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MY CAR GEN 2 1.6A YEAR 2005. i already use 421 extractor ranspeed ,change
centre muffler and exhaust muffler rsr,surbo,k&n air filter and
plug cable 8.8mm(GEN 2 1.6A). my gen 2 age 3years and mileage 70k.i
already used 16inch rim and falken
tyre 205/55/16 since i bought this car on 1st day used.i budget only
around 300. any opinion to increase more hp and save fuel.is it ok
just change to denso iridium IT20 and plug cabel higher than 9mm.or use
grond cable.ay opinion.i am budget only for RM300. i also intend to use
adjustable cam pulley but bugget at this moment not enough yet.some people
piggy back,standalone or BOT. i not understand piggy back,standalone or
BOT .please give advise and explaination from expert.


Posted 26 February 2008 - 02:55 PM



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with all the modification you've done so far, how does the car perform
compared to stock? I really wanna know the result you're getting because
it didn't work well for me... only FC was noticeably increased.

You mentioned about having more hp and save fuel.. to me, to increase
horsepower from the same engine, you have to sacrifice FC. that's the
opportunity cost to evaluate.

One way to improve performance and at the same time reduce FC is to cut
down the weight of the car which is impractical to a road car...


Posted 27 February 2008 - 12:10 PM



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bro, u ask at wrong section Smile


Posted 27 February 2008 - 04:51 PM



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u can try this product.

When do i need UTR Power Charger in my car?

1. Stabilizes the power system, and excels the
electrical discharge efficiency.

2. Reduces the noise interference to the electrical
system, thus extending the life of electrical

3. Improve acceleration and responsiveness.

4. Improves car ignition, and save the fuel.

5. Reduces engine trembling, and enhances engine

6. Improves startup torque, and improves the
stability at idle speed.

7. Eliminates noise from the alternator, and resolve
the car's internal electrical system's impedance
resistance problems.

8. Increase battery Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA)
performance instantly and prolong battery lifespan.

Benefits & Features of using UP-MAX Power Charge in my
car :

1. Proven horsepower and torque enhancement as
validated through the KIDO HP tester.

2. Fuel saving up to 25%.

3. Resistant to high temperature, and is waterproof.

4. With patented fire wire.

5. Five SGS certifications for maximum safety protection.

6. Three patent certificates.

7. Reduce emission with better combustion in engine.

8. One (1) Year Warranty.

Models of UTR Power Charger for the different
engine capacity :

1) UTR Power Charger EVO 1300 (1300cc and below)
Basic Specification for EVO 1300: Capacitor rating -90000f
Responses time -0.5/1000s
(Hi-END Electric Capacity)

2) UTR Power Charger EVO 1300A (1301cc to 1599cc)
Basic Specification for EVO 1300A : Capacitor rating -170000f
Responses time -1/1000s
(Hi-END Electric Capacity)

3) UTR Power Charger EVO 1600A (1600cc to 1999cc) Basic
Specification for EVO 1600A : Capacitor rating -200000f
Responses time -1/1000s
(Electric Capacity meets Military Standards)

4) UTR Power Charger EVO 2000A (2001cc & Above) Basic
Specification for EVO 2000A : Capacitor rating -300000f
Responses time -1/1000s
(Electric Capacity meets Military Standards)

Basic Specification for all UTR models:
40cm each of positive/negative polarity wires
Capacitor temperature resistance : 105C
On 6AWG Plus Wire :
For use with engine, complete with fire resistant coupler
1.4 metres in length
Frequency filter component: 5Hz 5KHz
Woven copper strip : 40cm in length
R14-8 pure gold-plated terminal; cover with external fiberglass silica
tubing (Compliant to UL specification of temperature resistance at

Top of the range UTR Power Charger EVO 2000A Edition for those who
demand power in their car regardless of engine capacity
or for 2000cc & above engine capacity.

Instant improvement in performance and results proven
in market since 2007.

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email to changyikshen@yahoo.com