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comments and ideas

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Posted 20 April 2003 - 02:08 AM



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Hi guys...for your in4mation, I am new in posting a message. Here I would
like you guys to contributes comments and ideas which I think will really
help. OK, the situation is...
I am driving the Iswara and wanted to change the engine with
2) MIRAGE (4g61T)
3) VR4 (4g63T)

For Mivec, I've heard there are problems in tuning the engine. Tuning
always lari...Mivec parts also hard to get and expensive.

For Mirage, the standard engine HP is about 165hp.Not enough to beat my
friends who are using B8 with 190hp and going to upgrade until 220hp.
Takkan nak kalah selalu.How to increase the standard 4g61T into 200hp.

For VR4, it's powerful but 2.0 mah!!!My car chasis is made for 1.3. Hard
when facing JPJ.

For mirage and VR4 are less expensive then MIVEC. Those engine's age are
older than MIVEC. What are the effects of car conditions in the long term.
Which is better? please explained to me.Any other engine options stated
above? Please help me..Thanks.


Posted 20 April 2003 - 12:10 PM


    Taxi Driver

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old engine alot of problem one leh...since u want power more problem u had
to face...... JPJ there have to give alot alot of money go get it done.
why not getting a new car.... perdana and convert to twin turbo yr friend
sure cannot beat u that time :)
if u change mivec also forever cannot beat yr friend...


Posted 20 April 2003 - 12:23 PM


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iswara 1.3 huh? go for the mirage then? mirage is not 165bhp as stated,
it only produced about 140bhp... well, 1.6 vs 1.8... ask him to handicap
you lar! anyway, you still can bolt on the VR4 stuff into your mirage to
make it 200bhp but you need to spend a lot of $$$!

well, me also own this mirage engine in my satria! have try with B8
before and i kalah only by a small margin only... remember that you have
advantage on the power to weight ratio! iswara chasis is damn light
compare to mazda or ford... so, i think you will have some chance to
give your fren a close fight! :)


Posted 20 April 2003 - 03:57 PM


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that for pickup only woh....after that 3-5 gear sure lose...


Posted 22 April 2003 - 09:32 AM



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MIVEC i presumed u r talkin' bout the 4g92 DOHC MIVEC..
well...wat u heard about it is partially correct..
as MIVEC engine parts are rather rare...to source..but should be ok
coz..there's a lot MIVEC runnin' around in M'sia already...
however, bout the timing runnin' out issue..is totally not true...
MIVEC is a fuel injected engine..and its controlled by an ecu..
since when a fuel injected engine can have their timing ran out??...
the ECU/EMS are made to maintain the fuel injected engine with the proper
idling timing, ignition timing and air/fuel mapping...
MIVEC is a nice NA engine though overrated at 175 hp on engine and only
bout 140hp or less on wheels

about 4G61T, well if u r sayin' with 165 hp in ur iswara u'll loose to ur
fren's 190 hp B8 (in a ford/mazda i presumed) well think again..
with the power to body ratio u might just stand a chance against him with
some minor mods..not necesarily more hp than him...so if u gonna spend
tonnes of $$ to get 220 out of a 4G61T might as well get a 220 VR4..haha
and furthermore 4G61T are pretty old engines..it won't be long b4 u starts
repairin' it....same applies to VR4 (though powerful..but its known to be
a workshop-frequent engine)

my advise's is..if u wanna go for NA MIVEC would be a good choice...
if u wanna go for turbo, y not consider the 4G93 Turbo from the Lancer
GSR...but take note...most of these halfcut engines do not have the same
mounting setup as ur current chassis...as a result..convertin' to them
will result in changing ur engine mounting where u might have a lil'
problem in gettin' ur car approved by JPJ...

cheers and good luck