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want to exchange my waja for kangoo

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Posted 14 January 2008 - 10:48 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Based on your say of limited funds, you might better off keep your Waja.
The price diff and the potential FC savings aren't worth it. Do some
cleaning of the sensors, the injectors and remap the ECU and you
potentially get better FC. But then you must clock high enough mileage to
see the potential gains in FC alone. The total experience is another
thing. Furthermore, Waja parts are abundance nowadays. Kangoo, wait the
recently launched new model in Europe. Bigger engine, this easily
translates to better air cond. For the current Kangoo punny size 1.4
engine to pull a heavy body, it is not possible to put in large air cond
compressor, otherwise the car will even feel more draggy.


Posted 15 January 2008 - 12:50 AM



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enoch007 and chkwong,

You have both been most most helpful i must say.

Your advice really came across in a very matured, kind and unbiased manner.
A very BIG Thanks for that! I could sense that you have done lots and lots
of research regarding this common dilemma many car buyers will face from
time to time with conti - made vehicles. In the case of enoch007, I really
appreciate your real honest feedbacks based on your actual experiences with
both the waja and your R19 conti.

Yes, for the last 3 years, my waja has been very satisfying and I think I
will take both your advice and keep it. I am now 90% convinced that it
makes more sense to channel my hard earned money to see what can be done to
improve it. THANKS!

Although, I only know both of you through this website, I want to wish all
good things to you and your families. And do keep up the good work in
helping others who are struggling with similar dilemmas.


Posted 15 January 2008 - 05:32 PM



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Hi Philipcyl,

No prob, you`re most welcome! Glad to be of assistance with my little
experience in the automotive field. Thanks for your compliments
and well wishes too. Its good to hear that you`ve decided to give your
Waja a new lease of life and I`d like to personally wish you all the best
in your endeavour to "spice" up your Waja. Hope you continue to enjoy
many more years of satisfying and reliable service from it!


Posted 19 February 2008 - 01:08 PM



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hi philipcyl,
come to the kangoo club and listen the true comment from the owner
themselves. no car is perfect, but listen first hand from the owner
rather than `my friend's friend's comments' will help you understand much
accurate and better. but as a general rule, you have to understand that
ALL conti's maintenance is higher that P1 or P2. be it Germans, Swedes,
French, anything. no question about that. but, if you love conti and
willing to live with it, among other conti's, i would say that Kangoo is
among the cheapest to maintain. plus with the backup of Nissan/Tan Chong,
unlike some other brands which are only practical if you live only in
city center, near to the dedicated SC or family mechanics, we have kangoo
owner from as far as gua musang.

come and visit us at http://www.kangooclu....com/community/


Posted 27 February 2008 - 01:15 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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enoch, please do share with us how and from where you
got the info that WAJA shares the same platform as R19 and Opel Vectra...
If one is not sure pls don`t tembak unneccessarily,don`t confuse the confused.
WAJA actually shares the same platform as Volvo S40(1st version)
and Mitsubishi Carisma(an european only model)(made in Holland).

Opel Vectra (a GM product) shares the same platform as SAAB 900
(another GM product)


Posted 27 February 2008 - 08:31 PM



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Hi Citronking,

I guess you've mistook what I said. When I said the Waja was based on the
Opel Vectra and R19, I was not referring to the platform in any way but
just that these were some of the cars used as a benchmark while designing
the car. One obvious example is the layout of the accessory switches on
the dashboard.


Posted 15 July 2008 - 05:00 PM


    Road Warrior

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I think waja copy BMW e36 interior concept.

IMHO, kangoo esp the manual trans is quite reliable. My bro using it for
almost 3 years still dun hv any complains about it. The FC is really good
for a 7 seater MPV...14km/litre! The spare parts esp mechanical parts are
easy to get and reasonable too.. timing belt(oem) RM175, water pump (oem)
RM145, oil filter RM25 etc...the fuel pump is same as Wira/Sentra. The
handling/comfort i can say is way better than Waja!


Posted 20 September 2008 - 04:33 PM


    4th Gear

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Budakraja is absolutely right. Speak to the right people about this. As
there's a Kangoo Club locally, these are the best people to consult.

I've driven the Kangoo before (manual transmission though) and frankly
its a very, very impressive machine. Never had any problems with it. At
first everybody made jokes at it - its funny styling mainly. But over
time, it became the vehicle of choice whenever we wanted to go out. It
was easy to drive, the elderly folk in my family liked its easy entry-
exit and the kids think its a playroom. I had the rear A/C installed and
it was fine.

I don't recall any shocking maintenance costs. But then again, my
motoring needs are pretty average and I do take care of my cars.

I would seriously consider a diesel version if it becomes available. I
drove one in Europe and I loved it. It went everywhere on a tankful and a
full load. Goodness, why don't we have more diesel cars in Malaysia??