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MG ZT worth to buy?

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Posted 10 September 2006 - 06:32 PM



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Hi forumers,

I've been offered to buy this car at almost 60% less than what the original
owner paid for, back in 2004. The mileage is only 15k and the owner has
also done ICE upgrade to this car, well in access >15k.

I'm well aware that Rover/MG is now a defunct company and obtaining good
service & parts is going to be an issue. I've visited the Brooklands Motor
showroom in Chan Sow Lin area, and they claim they still offer servicing to
its customer. But for how long more is a question mark...

Heard that a China company has purchased the rights & interllectual
property of the Rover 75 & MG brand, but has no clue what they will do with it.

I'm not too concern about resale value, as I'm willing to accept when I
sell this car away, I'll probably loose 50% of what I'm going to pay or
even more.

My main concern is will I be able to get parts & service at non-ridiculous
price!! So is it worthwhile to consider this offer?


Posted 18 September 2006 - 08:26 AM



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There will still be parts for MG and Rover cars for at least another 8
years. There is a large population of Rover and MG in Europe (especially
UK), so there is an interest to keep supplying the market there. the
question is, will there be supplies here.

the chinese bought the rights for the brands, but i dont think they will
be manufacturing the same engines. some changes could be made to suite
costs, manufacturing and assembly capabilities etc. they might even use
their own engines (if available).

but if you like the car and are prepared to mork through the
consequesnces...why not, go for it.

a good car is like a fine woman. they come around only once.


Posted 14 November 2006 - 06:56 PM


    Fast & Furious

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I think the amount of current parts available will last about as long as
you think you'll own the car.

The technology in MG's was never something special and it remained
unchanged for a long, long time. New parts are still available and being
manufactured for MGB's and midgets for example simply because of the
large number of cars still alive and being cared for. The Rover is no
exception and the shear quantity of cars running will support a cottage
industry of spares.

Yes, making sure they are available in MY is another issue but should not
worry you too much.

I believe the Chinese will use more parts and designs of Rover than they
care to mention at the moment..... since the K-Seried in the Rover is
simple, cheap, reliable and relatively powerful for its size. I did hear
a rumour that they were to re-start production, on a smaller scale, in
the UK again as well.