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Mercedez 230E 1992

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Posted 10 May 2006 - 01:21 PM


    Road Warrior

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I am considering this car but I have a few concern:
1. Price at RM38,000
2. The owner told me gear box got problem and he has fixed it but will
come back in 2 year time. Maybe need a major repair.
3. Need to repaint the car as color is not my liking and faded.
4. Rear bumper need to replace because of minor knock.
5. Interior still very good.
6. Whole air-con was replaced before, the wind blow not as strong as

Can anyone tell me is it worth?


Posted 19 May 2006 - 01:53 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Dear JJO

Good Afternoon

SB :
why buy 1992 model ... ?
14 years of wear n tear

SS :
is it for the badge peace-sign ?
a symbol of U have made it ... or arrived in style ?
( no pun meant here ... please do NOT be offended okay ? )

SB :
ur neighbors n business circle n frnds will all know that this
piece of metal is only about RM 40 K something ...

SS :
and if your pocket is really DEEP and can stomach or fork out
RM XXXX now n then for changing this ... changing that ...

SB :
old car NO warranty ... can also break down in middle of congested
city traffic jams n highways ...
( afraid have seen quite a couple of open-bonnet Mercs in my life )

SS :
basically SS+SB buys a car for that peace of mind ... not worrying
about being stranded in the middle of nowhere /// especially if
like to take long country-side drives ...

SB :
if rich enough can buy NEW Merc or BMW or Citroen ?
then repairs under warranty ...

SS :
if not yet that rich ... buy old Merc ... then suddenly repairs
outa blue will leave you out-of-the-pocket and eating maggie hot cups

anyways ... U posted in A&W forum asking for FOC advice

U fished out our humble un-biased opinion ?
of course no need to take heed at all ...

SS :
last parting shot of friendly advice ...
go work damn hard n damn smart ...
pile UP ur cash in the piggy-bank
then U buy that NEW dreamy car of yours ?

Have A Nice Day

Cheers from savvybaby+steamy stacy ( Even In A Budget SAVVY AMT ... can
also have FUN FUN FUN )



Posted 02 June 2006 - 05:24 PM



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Dear JJO,

I am in a similar situation.

I will be needing a car soon as I plan to leave my job in the very near
future and will have to give up all the nice perks - company car and all
its expenses is one of them. I have been debt free for more than 10 years
now and don't see the point of making monthly repayments for something
that depreciates, I plan to pay up the purchase of this car in cash.
(Planning to buy some property, so I'd rather restrict my debt to that)
Hence, I'm looking for a car that I can pay cash in full. I've set a
budget of around RM50,000 for this exercise. My options are either a
brand-new national car (Proton Gen2 or a Myvi 1.3)...or a used car.

And funny enough, I am also considering a 1992 230E (local version, not
re-con as I've seen too many "fake" re-cons already). I can get a fairly
decent one for RM35K, and would be willing to spend the remaining RM15K
on general repairs. As these 124-series cars are built to last, and parts
are easy to find, the proposition is very tempting. At the end of it, I
would have a car much larger that either the Gen2 or Myvi, and much
better built too. (I'm sure Mercedes spent more $$$$ developing the230E
than Proton for the Gen2 or Perodua/Daihatsu for the Myvi). This is my
point of view.

Yes, its a 14 year old car. And the possibility of endless problems is
real. But that the calculated risk I'm willing to take. But generally,
I've been speaking to many 124-series 230E owners and none have
highlighted any major issues with their cars. So I guess the RM15K will
go towards replacing of worn-out parts rather than re-newing mechanical
parts...which is OK.

Just my thoughts.Big Smile


Posted 06 August 2006 - 11:20 AM



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I AM A MERC diehard,can share some know how with you,for 92 230e @38k
with the situation you discribe,33k should be more reasonable,just
curious,had it convert to master piece look outside?to solve you gearbox
problems once and for all,recomend you overhaul it,around 4k with many
years trouble free,for your air con,depend on whats need to be change,if
just service,well few hundred bucks will do,w124,once you take it for a
drive in highway you will notice the different between this cars and even
the latest japs 2 to 3 liter car,not willing to explain to you the
feeling,dun wants to deprived of sensing it your self,spare parts are
dead cheap,all smaller parts can be replace with stocks ready
available,unlike the japs one small thing failed change the whole
mountain.and they are not cheap.life will never be the same again once
you driven a merc.other car those PPL recomend you are junks compair the
ride quality and safty.for you infor,when i was in germany visiting BMW
FACTORY,at the airport,all taxi and limo are merc so I ask them why not
BM?they cooly answer,reliability is yhe issue for picking merc over
others.I rest my case..Big Smile


Posted 06 August 2006 - 02:13 PM


    Fast & Furious

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14 year old car?. So what's wrong with that? Heck...my humble W123 is
already 21 years old this year!...and it's still more solid and reliable
than most cars in the same 2,000cc class and newer cars.

Rm15k to repair is too much lah. Rm10k will be more realistic.


Posted 11 October 2006 - 02:39 PM



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What's up with this so far? Found a good 230E yet?
Anyone wants to sell a good unit, pls let me know. Keen to have one as a
second car.



Posted 11 October 2006 - 10:40 PM



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hey, just in case u guys decide to go for a merc E280 Masterpiece, my
dad's one is for sale.. It is a 1995, masterpiece. He is the second owner
since 1999. All the wear and tear parts has been recently changed. And it
was also recently resprayed. It's gold colour. If anyone is intrested u
can email me @ nagen_93@hotmail.com..thx