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Berlingo VS Kangoo

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Posted 14 September 2005 - 11:39 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Go drive both and compare Berlingo is superior in all aspects...
As Sharm said renaults are trickier to repair and parts are astronimical
in prices.....Berl is CBU by the way.......Go for kangoo auto and you
are asking for big trouble, not convinced go buy one and let us know
some time later about your troubles......

Look at a Berl. engine compartment and then a Kangoo comp.
The Berl. is so easy to maintain and abundant space in the eng. comp.
The kangoo is way too cramped, even any minor repair like a belt
change is a complex job... go see for yourself

Maybe with the Savvy using a Reanault eng you can service your kangoo
at proton..... Even a timing belt change on a kangoo have to be done
at TChong coz have to reset ECU after change ....


Posted 14 September 2005 - 03:52 PM


    Fast & Furious

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citronking is rite on the engine compartment. A good designed engine is
meant to be easy maintenance and service.


Posted 22 September 2005 - 05:56 PM



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My Berlingo 1 has covered 102000 kms in the past 3 years. Apart from
normal servicing and a welding issue at the rear muffler (replaced under
warranty), the car has performed very well.

This car will easily cover 300000kms without much affair. My driving style
gives me around 620 kms for 45 litres of Petronas fuel. 75% highway and
25% town (mind you that I drive into Singapore every workday).

Purely city driving returns about 500kms for the same amount of fuel (I
have driven in mid city KL traffic , and the jams in KL took it's toll).

As the car has been reliable, I can't say much about the prices of spare
parts however I did have someone knock me at the rear and the parts
arrived within 1 week ... yes some parts were out of stock and had to be
flown in from France (maybe Spain?). It was covered by the Insurance.

As for Servicing you can have a choice of using Directional or Authorised
Service centres. I prefer the Authorised one's as they are owner operated
and they have heaps of experience (this is why I have only used 1 mechanic
for the past 12 years ...my previous car was an ZX which covered

I actually like the Kangoo too, I have yet to drive one though. For some
reason, the Berlingo looked better to me and more in proportion... but
then beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

If you haven't yet decided...it would be best to test drive both these
cars and then make the decision....and by the way ...there is also the
Fiat Doblo too....!!! JDT 105bhp Smile


Posted 22 September 2005 - 08:27 PM


    Road Warrior

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I've driven both, and here's my personal opinion :
1. Berlingo wins in overall design both interior & exterior
2. Berlingo wins in handling & ride quality
3. Berlingo wins with 3yrs warranty or 100,000km
4. Kangoo wins with more interior comfort & legroom
5. Kangoo wins with more headroom & 3rd row seats
6. Kangoo wins with more efficient after sales service by TCM

There's no winner or loser here, choice is very subjective to personal
preference. Both marques has got rich history in automotive.
The former is creator for LHM, the latter does everthing from trucks to


Posted 22 September 2005 - 11:09 PM


    Fast & Furious

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The Berlingo looks much better than the Kangoo. But, unlike the Kangoo,
the Berlingo has no ABS. The Kangoo has 2 front airbags but I believe only
the pre-facelift Berlingo had 1 airbag and that the facelifted model has


Posted 27 September 2005 - 12:04 PM



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Today Sin Chew showed the sportlift Kangoo which said came with the
aircraft like overhead compartment......at last it's here! Anyway just
wondering what is the NCAP rating for Berlingo??


Posted 30 September 2005 - 04:04 PM



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Don't expect much of a EuroNCAP result on the Berlingo - Citroen never
tested it at EuroNCAP as I don't see any rating for it. If they did, I
would't expect a result equal to the Kangoo's 4-star. Citroen doesn't
have the same commitment to safety Renault has. Look at Kangoo's specs -
2 airbags, pretention seatbelts, ABS and all that...Wah!

Both Kangoo and Berlingo are about the same size, and proportion. So, I'm
not so sure that the size of engine bays differ greatly so as to affect
after sales servicing. If after sales is the issue here, then Kangoo win
without a doubt. Tan Chong's service network is everywhere. And prices
are getting better - I checked and the first 10,000 km service is
something like RM200 with synthetic oil. Pretty good.

Both Kangoo and Berlingo have similar engine specs, and I don't think
they differ very much in engine design-wise. So to say one that one is
more reliable that the other...that's unfounded. Sama saja lah, both also
quite good at what they do.

Went to see the new Kangoo Sportif...and it looks really nice. The orange
colour one is cool, and they've spruced up the interior. Not bad at all.

There are more Kangoo's sold worldwide than Berlingos. So that says some
thing. Plus, Renault is a much larger car maker than Citroen, so they
would have more resources to make better things. and it shows here in
Malaysia, where they're making Kangoos locally. Good for them. Better for

Styling susah to say lah. Very personal issue. You may like it, I may
not. So..its up to you lah. Personally...both also kinda wierd looking.
But if I have to choose, the Kangoo would be it. It looks cute and
friendlier. Plus...its a 7-seater.

Choices, choices, choices...


Posted 30 September 2005 - 07:21 PM


    Fast & Furious

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Not with a 1.4 litre engine in the Kangoo.

Try tat going uphill in one of those PJ roads and you will know wat I
meant. Some time ago, went to test drive the Kangoo 1.4 auto CKD unit,
stopped the car completely at the hill slope, the SA was a bit reclutant,
then try to drive up, lotsa engine revving sound, car still not moving,
after like a long time, think it was like 20-30s, then start to move very
slowing, like crawling speed. Took quite some time to reach even 30km/hr,
the SA was too embarassed to say anything. Now, I know why the SA was

Back to the PJ showroom, they ask me to test the 1.6 Renault Scenic.
Fuiyo, so much different, power and torque is there when you need it.

The Kangoo with such heavy weight needs at least 1.6 L engine to power it.
Can't think what would it be if it fully loaded up with 7 adult on the
same slope. Of course, it can still move, but imagine if you are on the
highway, going uphill and want to overtake...you imagine.


Posted 30 September 2005 - 07:34 PM


    Road Warrior

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Ha!Ha!Ha!... Luckily they use synthetic oils, if not, will surely
overheat with those high revving with heavy load..


Posted 01 October 2005 - 06:36 PM



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Hallo guys/gals (if any)
My freind just got his berlingo2, got ABS and EBD and also belt pretensioner...
And also when one of the sliding door were not properly closed, the Berl
won't 'go', it will hesitate when u press the throttle.. that's my freind's
My choice? I like the berlingo bcos parts may be easily available here due
to the number of Cits on the road... But.. when my wife want to drive
again, got to let her drive auto tranny car... so Kangoo maybe is the answer...
BTW i've driven the Berlingo2 and test driven the Kangoo auto...