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signs that you are a citroen owner

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Posted 30 November 2004 - 03:33 PM


    White Lightning

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wahhh... this thread still around kah...

anyways... i dunno about some of you guys... but sometimes what is posted
here is kinda of the plain truth... i have contributed to this thread as
well... but i believe that both ends of the "argument" are right...

what muff and klcar and some of you have posted are true...

but i think being owners of the citroen marque we CAN and SHOULD be able
to reflect on our experiences and laugh about it... if there are others
who read and ask whether it is true... i mean... this is a collection of
ALL the problems that everyone has encountered before... ( of which i'm
almost sure a proton has more than this...) they can't compile it all and
then say that a car is no good based on a collection of "jokes" meant for
citroen users...

i may poke and make fun of the citroen... and if you ask my mechanic, i
have threatened many a time to give it up and sell my car (i even tried)
but not before adding on to my citroen stable... another ZX and a DS!!!
so... b-itch about the car... so what... i still love and drive the car...

look at it this way... one way or another, someone's gonna find that the
citroen is not for them... another thing is that if we can't poke fun and
laugh about our collection of problems... or can't compile it in such a
manner, then why are we posting online about the failure of this and that
and the problem of this and that and stuff? life is not a bed of roses
(if you drive a xantia then it is...) in the end, we still discuss the
problems we face and how to solve them... and ppl still read about those

errm... am i contradicting myself yet?

anyways... bottomline is, we ENJOY the way that our CITROENS MOVE US
despite having the various problems... how ever well you maintain a
car... it will still breakdown at some point or other...


Posted 30 November 2004 - 04:31 PM


    Taxi Driver

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hush hush you ! where's the presents ! .. and tell us more about
honeymooning ;)