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Integra Type R

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Posted 04 May 2007 - 08:36 AM



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The probability of getting a unit in Malaysia is very low.

If you are really desperately keen on getting a unit, you might want to
consider Singapore. I know Honda Singapore imports Integra.

I saw a unit still available in second hand market for Integra Type R but
not DC2.

Here is the link.



Posted 04 May 2007 - 11:07 AM


    Road Warrior

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actually, if you "really" MUST own one, just go to your nearest trusted importer. arrangement can
be made.The reason why importers dont bring in ITR is that VERY few people are willing to pay
premium price. Importers knows this. only a couple is brought in to satisfy a select few.

To survive (importers), prefer to bring in a more affordable coupe in abouts the same class
segment & as more joneses are willing to opt for it as it make more ringgit sense.

ITR appeals to enthusiast, most buyers who can afford this price range are 30-45 year old chums
& they arent willing to part 30% - 40% more premium over another coupe (which they wont
redline most of the time as it doesnt appeal to them so much). The ITR however hold more
appeal to boy-racers because of the honda marque & NOT all boy-racers can afford the sticker

I have heard drivers comment that "how could one drive on high rpm daily",Blackeye

its uncomfortable for them, i suppose but i can understand middle age drivers who has different

(both the DC2 & DC5 are ITR but most honda forums overseas refers "ITR" as DC5 & "DC2 type
R". i suppose their cars are more current as oppose to us msian.)


Posted 07 May 2007 - 08:54 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Hmmm... looks like non-type R Integra... not sure.


Also none ITR?

Sorry sorry, my knowledge of DC2 somewhat limited so I cant identify ITRs
based on bodykits... and then I got bored of looking...


Posted 07 May 2007 - 04:56 PM


    Road Warrior

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ITRs are quite comfy to drive slow, daily... plus the gear ratios are well
put. not a problem at all by not revving it hi... so its not that tiring
compared no normal manual tranny cars.. as long u dont use twin/ tripple
clutch. and its always nice to know u got the option to rev it High when
needed, probably not suitable for older drivers tho ha ha...


Posted 10 May 2007 - 08:42 PM


    3rd Gear

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Mine's an Ori ITR 96/97 model for sale.

Specs: Original DC2 TypeR (B18CR),Toda C2
Cams&springs (type R cams still available),Feels 4-2-1,Exedy
clutch&flywheel,Jun exhaust,port&polish,zeal coilovers,VAFC,ITC,Pivot
timer,Mugen gasket cover, new piston rings, 4 New AD07 tyres,6k HID
lights,10k+ sound system, Superpro bushing,Spoon carbon fibre hood (ori
still available) and carbon fibre Guppy and many many more.

Call only if you're serious. Joe (0122260183).


Posted 11 May 2007 - 09:08 AM


    Taxi Driver

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that isnt original, that's very modded.

Nicely done too. Your starting price?