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buy MR2 soon

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Posted 24 May 2006 - 10:52 AM



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u;re driving the mrs as ur daily car....

is it actually adviseable? u're having ur softtop on all the while? and
arent u afraid of being vandalized?

sorry if i'm aslong stupid questions....but i tend to find out the
replacements of the roof is kinda pricey


Posted 24 May 2006 - 11:26 AM


    Road Warrior

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no, not astupid question but a very legitimate one.

Of course soft top seems tempting (easy). if the thieves wanna steal anything in the car,
it is by far easier to smash (faster) the windows then to cut the top. Thieves will break into any
car IF they want too.

one has to remember to own a roadster ragtop, it will `always` draw attention;
so one should practise neccesary precaution when parking their steed.
1. Dont park in dark alley`s or strangely seculded areas
2. Do not leave laptops / handbag / money for everyone to see

come to think of it; it`s the same advise for women drivers/ drivers of BMW, Merc driving alone

if we all live in fear or siege of everything then whats living life?? pricey?
so is the car windows, doors etc


Posted 24 May 2006 - 03:02 PM


    Taxi Driver

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I'll agree with your that the driving feel for the MRS is better in that
steering feel and suspension feel is much better. Also, going topless is
the way to go man Cool. And you're right, in terms of handling, you would
probably run circles around me.

The MR2 was rather tail happy in comparison.

But I have to maintain that MRS could be improved if only they changed
that stupid engine. What motor is stock in the MRS? 1zzfe? Whatever it
is, they should put in the tuned Celica motor that produces 180hp. On the
MRS, it will just fly. Somtimes you need to aim for total balance - not
just suspension but also engine response/power.


Posted 24 May 2006 - 05:25 PM


    Road Warrior

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Actually the beauty of a near perfect handling (bar elise) amongst the mid engine roadster class
has spurned the development a hybrids that help the MR-S to a stagerring over 200HP MR-S.
Bear in mind the weight of car is lower then a weight of a fat 350Z. This translates or equlavent
of a 350Z with over 300HP.

TTE (Team Toyota Europe) offers a bolt on turbo for MR-S owners (with warranty in europe &
japan) . there are loads of hybrids turbos

BUT thats not the point for the development of MR-S. Everybody knows the more power esp
turbos (thus loads of weight) "dilutes" the feel of a true sports car. (think developement of F1
cars & Lotus elise).

Now, the initial purpose to create the MR-S was to offer a "truer" feel of a sports car.
------> http://en.wikipedia....iki/Toyota_MR-2

The feedback for the new model was somewhat mixed - others liked its return to the AW11`s
design concept, while the fans of the SW20 would`ve liked it to continue along the path of the
previous model. All agreed, however, that the ZZW30 had nearly perfect handling, allowing one
to brake into corners and throw the car through the corner in slight drift. The ZZW30 is
considered to be the best-handling MR2. For example, Tiff Needell, a very experienced race
driver and the former host of the BBC TV show Top Gear, praised the handling of the ZZW30.
Although some complained of the relative lack of power the vehicle had, many owners have
recently discovered a way to switch out the 1ZZ-FE engine in exchange for the 2ZZ-GE, bringing
up the power to 190 hp, drastically bringing up the accelerating properties of the ZZW30. During
a comparison test during a Japanese motorsports show, "NA vs. Turbo", the Techno Spirits
ZZW30, outdrove several more powerful cars. However, the driver of the ZZW30, Manabu Orido,
allowed the other vehicles (a much higher powered S15 Silvia, S14 Silvia, and Amuse S2000) to
catch up and ended in the ZZW30 losing to the much quicker S15 Silvia. Although it lost, the
ZZW30 proved the top-class handling abilities of the ZZW30.::

more of an inbetween an elise (which is on the exteame handling) & the illustrious luxury
roadsters (which you & i know how much a brand new porsche boxster Z4, new SLK cost)


Posted 26 May 2006 - 12:21 AM


    Taxi Driver

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dear koolspyda,

I guess you`ve never sat in an evo and ride through twisty roads huh?

Being driven both (mrs and evo) in extreme driving condition, i will
reserve my comments to save the everfriendly forumers the boredome of my
nutty and extreme enthusiast for both NA and highly tractioned-turbo world.

Before you go deeper and start to stereotyping the turbo performance into
being a lame brainless straighline drag, I like to suggest you to go for a
trial between your super-duper heel+toe-left foot braking driving skills
in your fantastic-souped-up-handling MRS with the stock standard evo in
mountain touge drift duel. Heck, cut off the boost on the evo if you want
to. Get yourself to up and down uluyam and you know what i mean. Even the
fastest cars cant drive fast over there. I`m sure your expert driving
skills can do you wonders! Smile

I`m interested in your comment on the matter. But, heck, you`ll have
to `been there, done that` first, or it will be pointless comments and
experience sharing.

Another thing, my expectation on serious handling improvement probably
different than others. I`m a hardcore. With 10k it will only get you some
decent shock absorbers and nice little strut bars. If we talking about
roll cage, PU bushing, anti-roll anti sway bars, etc... well, that
probably will make you dig another side of your pockets.

MR2 is a great car!

I drive slow and never bully. peace!


Posted 26 May 2006 - 01:43 PM


    Road Warrior

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i dont normally engage myseelf with "starbucks conversations" over turbo vs NA. if anyone had
bother about my respects for cars (from my past post) would understand my standpoint.

mind you, i do most of my enjoyment drives around hill drives & while I have not wondered at all
hills in malaysia, the parts that were mentioned were done over several times (once even being
tailed by a blue555 scobby ~ malay chap) & some fact finding road(s) over KK duel with a limited
edition 6.5 (friends ride).

I can go on about what happened on these duels but typically many will be skeptical (because its
the net, so one normally take it with a pinch of salt over claims)

Be free to join us for an enthralling drives so we can respect each other drives (instead of
deriding one over the other as in most forumers)

My little car will be undergoing some tweeking in the next coming months. While it will set back
quite a little; its is a worthwhile experience as my idea of a enjoyable drive is to be close to
country roads.

first & foremost >Safety must always be the upmost priory. I drive to what my ability brings to
but in most public roads (even in hill ones) , it will always be under the limits for safety. My
participation in motorsports like autocrosses & track days are designed to hone ones/my limits.
public roads arent race tracks for me.

uprating the suspension, braces, pads, anti-roll sway bars, strut bars are necessary first mods if
one should immerse themselves into serious enthusiast drives. modding & tweaking the HP to
me would only be next step. (as one should know how to handle even a 140HP ride first then to
even think of slapping over 200HP rocket behind)

While the MR-S fails in top(high) speed as it isnt meant to be one but if one`s drives is to enjoy
undulating hills topless Blush & savour whats left of our tragically eroding country life then you will
know why roadsters are built.

to me rolls cages for me are meant for designated track cars, mine i will still maintain as much as
a road legal street car as i can.

as for the title thread; the links are there in my post(s) & it would be my pleasure when fellow
forumers will know to differentiate fact & fiction about rides & cars.

enjoy the drive


Posted 30 May 2006 - 11:32 AM



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do share your comments over the experience of tearing up hilly roads in
your evo


Posted 30 May 2006 - 12:24 PM


    Road Warrior

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i do believe he has a good & very fast monster there. no way any of us could smell even his
fumes esp the tail end of Ulu yam roads.


Posted 30 May 2006 - 06:08 PM


    Taxi Driver

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LOL. There is a reason why I compared the MRS to the 2nd gen MR2 - SW20.
They are more similar in class - even tho MR2 turbo has 80-100HP over the
regular MRS.

Eryin, comparing Class A Evolution with Class B MRS is like comparing
donkey balls to squirel nuts. Might as well you compare Evo against
Ferrari 430 Spyder. Two massively different classes and people driving

But you are completely right. A stock Evo will blow most MRS out of the
mountains. But lets not get cocky: The Technospirit MRS and Spoon S2000
will KILL any Evolution dumb enough to run without boost. The Spoon S2000
can equal the track Evo 7 even and on a track, a track Evo 7 will be
hardpressed to keep up. Heck, even a stock S2000 will destroy an Evo
running without turbo - unless you`ve got it throttle bodied / carburated
but I would still bet on the Technospirit. An Evolution is nothing
without its turbo - no disrespect but this is the design of the evo.
There is an Evo that can challege Lamboghinis but that has a turbo charger
so big it sucks in rocks, kittens and little children.

And yes, serious handling improvement, settle no less than a 25K budget
depending on car. But changing your stock suspension already does wonders
and works as the first step up - and for most people, the only necessary
step. Roll cages, anti-sway bar, sports suspension bushings etc etc...
everyday ride doesnt need track day equipment.

I share koolspyda`s philosophy on handling over power and driving
attitude - even though I drive a turbo car and one of the things on my
list is to go twin small turbo - tune for response not max power.

But yeah, I will concede Ulu Yam to you and the Evo. It will be fun to
see how badly I lose though, lol.


Posted 30 May 2006 - 07:13 PM


    Road Warrior

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actually i dont mind, turbo guys keeping & running boost up there, if there's a way for fairness; if
they could disable the TRC or YAWS (spelt right?) or not run 4WD. run any boost is not a
problem. tight chicane hills are probably best to see duels but once the road wide opens,
"sayonara"; monster Evo says.

technospirit handles good but not fast enough. currently there are couple of spyder guys
running more HP then TPS spyder ~ NA & 2 new SC guys. (in recent american touge 2 test, a 2ZZ
turbo was evaluated to a perfect 100 score !! (gotta link of scoring sheet) the VISHNU evos &
most Evos (who appeared in the final was rated between 95-98 by keichi). Only the controversies
by the producers who had preselected the "final" cars of NSX & skyline when there were faster
cars in their class (MR2 & VISHNU Evo). but i digress.