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A Honda City 2004 Idsl Owner's Experience

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Posted 02 August 2018 - 02:39 PM



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I want to share all my 2004 City idsl repairs and fixes over the years so all City owners can watch out for similar things on their car.

Symptom (year) - Fix
1)engine tuk tuk sound / mild jerk when climbing hill (from new) - ensure use Honda CVTF and not any ATF
2)low grinding noise coming from front wheel after hitting pot hole on the road (twice) - change the bearing. Can be done at any car/tire repair shop.
3)air con became not cold / did not hear air con switch on 'tak' sound (9 year mark) - compressor coil magnet change. Done in Air con shop. Non SC
4)air con not cold after car drove through high water / flash flood (11th year mark) - fan motor became defective and replaced in Honda SC
5)gear rattling on D when idle (10th year mark) - change gear mounting in Honda SC
6)sudden jerk when accelerating slow to medium speed (10th year mark) - spark plug coil became defective or intermittent in Honda SC
7)engine overheating (11th year mark) - OEM radiator leaking . Not bad for lasting up to 11 years. Replaced with non OEM radiator is OK. Non SC
8)passenger ride - shock absorbers ( front twice , rear only once) Stick to Kayaba if possible. Non SC
9)engine/dashboard have harsh drop going through pot hole or road bumps at low speed (13th year mark) - change the engine front and side mountings to restore the ride like new . 3 pcs Honda SC

Hope that other owners enjoy their City for many years and also share their experience.