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W 2592 K, Proton Inspira

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Posted 28 February 2015 - 11:07 PM


    1st Gear

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The owner of this car, a Malay man , mid forties with spec, probably using a government car funded by tax payer, bullied me at a Petronas petrol station. Every single car was Q-ing to pump petrol and when I went to kiosk to Q up to pay for petrol, he rammed his car in front of my car. When I came out of the kiosk after payment I could not pumped petrol because he was hogging the space. The inefficient petrol counter authorised his payment after mine and he grabbed the pump. I told him I was here first, he said so what?! You took too long. I reasoned with him that I was inside Q up to pay he said I don't care I am here I didn't take your money.

After he pumped the petrol of RM 40 he purposely took his time to walk around the shop and continued to hog the space. I could not move my car as other lanes were full and unable to manoeuvre car around. I then took a photo of his car registration which he also followed suit. He then rev his car and sped off. The bully was putting everyone at risk by using his mobile when every lane was full of cars pumping petrol.

Beware of this bully. He is a bully in every aspect of life, not just at petrol station. Unfortunately our country is full of uncivilised people like this that tarnish the government servant's image.