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Problem With Camry 2.0g

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 09:40 AM


    2nd Gear

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I used to own a Toyota Corolla and found it to be reliable and that is why I upgrade my car to Camry. I have serviced my car as per schedule even though my mileage is still very low. I have only a mileage of 45,000km after 3 years (the service I went recently which costs me approx. RM800 is for 70,000km). To my disappointment, the car that I owned kept giving me problems that I have managed to change it before the warranty period is over (wheel bearing, power window and also disc which needs to be skimmed in approx. 2 years). Believe me all these happened with my mileage lower than 30,000km or 40,000km and this is what I can detect through sound or vibration, if any but normal owner like me does not inspect our car as often as we should. Most of the time, we are relying on the service center foreman to let us know but more often they do not especially when it is during warranty.
The above warranty claims are for parts that I could hear or it is caused by vibration but how if the sound is very minor/soft that we could not hear especially when the radio is on. Recently, I heard a minor/soft sound on my steering (actually I heard it before but thought that it is not part faulty) and when I sent my car for service, they told me it is due to faulty absorber which is a surprise to me since my mileage is only 45,000km. Now I was wondering maybe that is the cause of my tires wearing off with ONLY 40,000km. Again, few weeks ago, when I was lying back on my seat, I heard another soft sound from either the window or the rear part of the car. I did not lodge any complaint on this yet as I am waiting for the application for the absorber. To my disappointment, the service advisor told me that they can only give me a discount of 20% for absorber that costs more than RM1,500. The recent soft sound that I heard might cost me another more than thousand RM.