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Steering Pull Or Veer To The Left.

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Posted 20 April 2014 - 08:31 PM


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i have this:

Road Crown and Camber

''A crowned road means that the outside/right hand side of the lane is lower than the left side of the lane. This improves the drainage of the road but adversely affects vehicle handling. Road crown must be compensated for in alignment settings because a vehicle driving on a crowned road leans to the right, causing some weight transfer to the right, and the camber changes slightly more positive. This combination creates a pull or drift to the right. Most alignment technicians adjust the vehicle with a slightly more positive camber, usually 1/4┬░, on the left to compensate for the road crown. This slightly more positive camber will not cause a noticeable pull when driving on a flat road. However, if camber is unequal from side to side with a difference greater than 1/2┬░, the vehicle will pull to the side with the most positive camber. If the specifications allow, 0┬░ to ┬▒.5┬░ is usually best for tire life and vehicle handling''- ALIGNCRAF

this is the example of LHD vehical or car.
for us the the RHD so we need to adjust the other way around.

meaning camber cannot be set at the same angle left and right of the front wheel.
for our road the driver's side front wheel shoud have a smaller negative value of its camber to compansate the road crown angle (lower to left for drainage), therefore the will preset to the right pull when at the sane time the road sectional angle pull the car to the left. those reaction is cancelling each other for a straight head on target.

its expensive. and without giving a proper explanation of what is the science of wheel cambering and how it effect the directional stability, without educating with the theory and knowledge of what being displayed on the screen. simply is an improper deals

cut short - for malaysian road, what should is,,, the left front side is having a greater negative camber value than on the righ. or we can say the right front wheel has a lesser negative of wheel camber than the left

so ,,if the alligment of the wheel marked 0 or perfect.
the steering is still pulling to one side, camber adjustment need to adjust to the type of the road, adjustment to compensate our malaysian road crown gradient so that the car and steering pointed straight